How Advanced Technology Has Changed Personal Finance

Advanced technology has transformed the way we communicate, find information, and manage day to day lives. High-speed internet and mobile technology have also changed how people buy, earn money, and manage their personal finances. Modern consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to manage and value money. Latest tech innovations help us save time, reduce the amount we spend and most importantly eliminate several tedious tasks that require more attention and time. 

In this piece of writing, we will discuss some of the top money trends of 2021 including how technology has changed, money management, banking, and shopping over a few years. 

Paper Money to Plastic Money

Paper money has been around for so many years. And then credit cards were introduced in the 1970s. credit cards and debit cards are also known as plastic money. They gained popularity among modern consumers as they reinvented spending and made payments a lot easier than ever before. Debit cards are connected to bank accounts of consumers while credit cards are issued as separate accounts and come with a particular credit limit. Credit cardholders can make instant purchases or payments as a loan from a card provider that needs to be paid later usually at the end of the month. Some companies also offer interest free credit card that help consumers save a lot of money in terms of not paying the interest amount for a given period of time. Furthermore, ATMs (automatic telling machines) were also invented that helps consumers to conduct a variety of transactions like money withdrawal, funds transfer or balance check, etc.  

Offline to Online

Today’s individuals have quick access to their bank accounts online. Thanks to mobile banking apps, we can conduct many banking and financial transactions online like utility payments, funds transfer, applying for a credit card and checking statements online, etc. A lot of banking and financial processes are online these days so people can track their finances easily from the comfort of their homes or offices. Instead of visiting a local bank in person, they can just log into their bank accounts using computers or mobile devices like laptops, tablet PCs, or smartphones to do whatever they need with their accounts and personal money.  

Mobile Technology & Personal Finance

While smartphones these days are equipped with advanced features like facial recognition technology and fingerprint scanners, they allow users to perform a variety of online transactions when connected to the internet. There is a huge number of mobile apps available in the market that allows us to carry out several money related tasks online without facing barriers of time and location. Mobile apps allow us to make utility payments, order food, book a ride, invest in stocks and send or receive money. Some financial apps also help a lot in managing personal finances, by creating budget plans, tracking personal spending, and encourage savings. Mobile apps also provide 24/7 access to bank accounts and other financial accounts so users can stay on top of their finances without facing troubles.

Borderless Payments

A couple of years ago, people had to go to currency exchange outlets or banks to exchange money for the destination country they are about to visit either for holidays or for business purposes. In this digital world, people don’t have to think about the tedious process. Everyone has a credit card that is accepted worldwide for payments in almost all currencies. Furthermore, digital wallets and online payment methods like PayPal and Google Pay are also used commonly to make borderless payments. In this way, they are better able to control their finances and value their money even if they are out of the country. 

Final Words

There are so many ways that modern technology affects our personal lives by helping us manage personal money more efficiently. We can put several tasks like utility payments, payment scheduling and direct deposit to savings account on autopilot. However, one should choose appropriate banking apps and solutions that are reliable and secure as well.