How can Technology improve academic performance?

Australia is a country that always supports the better future of its students. Australians always try to explore new technologies and adopt them into their lifestyle. Embracing different technologies in education can make drastic changes in students’ lives. Disparate online opportunities and open resources can productively develop the career. Online learning supports time management. So it is beneficial to the students to explore more things related to their studies. Using any smart device can achieve this. If one is unavailable on a smartphone, several supporters like Microrentals, who help to rent phones. Innovatively using technologies can boost the calibre of each student. 

Multimedia presentation and podcasts

Apart from traditional methods, it is more helpful to the students to capture the ideas and information through multimedia presentations. Slide show presentations only with words don’t convince them. Content delivery in an easy way makes the student understand it well. Adding graphs, short video clips, and animations can convey the content much better. The podcasts assist the students by analysing themselves. Podcasts based on motivation, interviews, and a variety of courses are available. To convert study materials and lessons to podcasts help to access it at any time. Podcasts of other educators can help to access deep knowledge about the same lectures.

Google calendars and virtual tours

Google calendars help to schedule class timings just like a class calendar. So it will be helpful to the students to remember information about the classes. So emailing such calendars through a smartphone will be beneficial for all the students. Having earlier knowledge about the class time helps the students to prepare it well. Purchasing smartphones through Microrentals will meet all your needs. Field trips are an excellent way to explore historical places and cultures. But it is impossible during a pandemic situation or any tragic situation. So here comes the importance of virtual trips. Studying history or knowing about a foreign country without visiting there can be obtained through these new technologies.

Forming social groups and provides training

Everybody thinks that online study methods are failures because of the lack of doubt clearing section. Creating social groups helps to interact between teacher and student and can carry out the doubts by the interaction. Also, students can post their doubts through the chatting platform that will be convenient for all the students who have the same doubt. Also can share homework and academic presentations. Some students have a problem asking questions in a large crowd. So it is the best way for those. Regular feedback checks help to know about the class. So personal feedback can also be shared through this media. Sharing feedback helps to create a behaviour of making opinions in students. Including communication training and professional development training in the curriculum increases the academic performance of each student. So sharing videos with this information is much encouraged. Online training does not need a particular place or time. So the student can bring their studies and preparation simultaneously. 

Having strong technical skills will help to improve digital learning. The implementation of visual learning aids the studies to the next level. Virtual reality is a powerful tool in immersive learning. Adopting augmented reality to teaching helps to represent 3D models. It helps to improve memory skills also. The development of artificial intelligence is not only beneficial for the business field but also for studies. The artificial intelligence developed educational software supports all students individually. It acts as a helping hand to the students to acquire pieces of information effortlessly. The advancement in technology has a significant role in increasing the capabilities of the students.