How Digital Marketing Differs From Traditional Marketing?

Many businesses, especially startups, grapple with a strategy for utilizing the marketing dollars towards the best possible outcomes. Businesses don’t know whether to spend it on either digital marketing or traditional marketing. It is vital to know the difference between the two forms of brand promotion and marketing of products/ services. Knowing the difference will help in better decision making for your marketing team.

First off, we need to know the difference between the two marketing techniques. We have been exposed to traditional marketing in some form or another. Be it print, radio, TV commercials, or billboards, there are many practical applications of traditional marketing.

In traditional marketing, the 4 P’s of marketing (product, price, promotion, and place) come together to deliver targeted ads that are made exclusively for a particular type of audience. There are three obvious drawbacks of traditional marketing. Check one of the few excellent data-driven digital marketing firm in Singapore.

1 – It is essentially a one-way street. Brands keep pushing their ads to the audience, with the hope that someday they may buy products from their brand.

2 – Marketers have little to no control over updates or changes. Once an ad has been placed in a newspaper or periodical, then the smallest of an update will incur additional charges, thus driving up the marketing costs.

3 – If an ad needs to run for a longer period of time, then you need to shell out more to the distribution channel. So all printing and distribution costs are considered strictly one time costs. If you need to reach out to the audience again, you need to incur the costs again.

On the other hand, digital marketing is specifically related to brand promotion efforts put on electronic devices like laptops, desktops, and smart phones. In this form of marketing, the audience goes to the brand (inbound), rather than the brand coming to the customer. This is the USP of digital marketing that never fails to deliver the expected results.

Instead of the static text ad, you can tweak and customize your Digital Marketing Las Vegas ad campaign as per your specific business needs and target audience preferences. The ability to change marketing messages on the fly provides amazing cost reduction to the marketing budget. With digital ads, you have the power to reach out to the right kind of audience. You can also deeply personalize marketing messages tailored to specific profiles within the target market for better outcomes.

The ROI behind digital marketing 

With the immense clout of the Internet on purchasing decisions, digital marketing has emerged as an attractive way to help improve your outreach among the digital audience who are present on the Internet or on social media platforms.

If your audience is spending a lot of time online, then it makes total sense to adopt digital marketing over the traditional marketing approach. It is reported that for every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses stand to make an average of $2. Perhaps this simple stat is why the world is gravitating towards digital marketing

The phenomenal growth has made trade analysts sit up and take note. They predict that very soon, digital ad spend will surpass traditional advertising like TVCs.

These numbers make one thing clear – if you don’t leverage digital marketing in today’s world of Internet and social media, then you will lose out to competition that has already invested into this form of marketing to broaden the customer base.

So which form of marketing should you go for?

The traditional vs digital marketing debate will go on for long. As a business owner, you need to see where the majority of your target audience resides. If it is majorly on social media or a part of the digital millennials, then it is a good approach to prioritize digital marketing. As it is, users are firing up almost 160+ billion searches on Google every month. Advancing technology means that this number will keep increasing.

For your business, it is important to leverage search engines and be promotingly present when your audience searches for businesses like yours. And this can happen only when you adopt digital marketing.

To sign off

It is important that every dollar spent on marketing works just as hard as you do. With this post, we have tried to bring out the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. This knowledge will give you a better idea about which one if applicable to your specific line of business. In case you do opt for digital marketing, then it is wise to enlist the assistance of a professional digital marketing agency such as SEO Reseller Canada. Our skills and experience will provide maximum ROI for your marketing budget.