How Digital Marketing Is Transforming Small Businesses

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. Ranging from social media ads, to influencer marketing, to advertisements in video on demand platforms, digital marketing is the present and the only way for companies to truly grow in today’s world. However, the pandemic proved that through digital marketing small businesses can also prosper exponentially if the right strategies are followed and the audience is captured in an informed way.  Digital marketing not only has the boundaries to reach customers globally completely shattered but consumers can also find out about brands in an easy and efficient way. All this can be done at a minimal cost, which is another reason why digital marketing is suited for small businesses, the budgets can range vastly, giving these businesses the opportunity to distribute money in an effective way. Because of digital marketing more and more online businesses have emerged and people feel more comfortable working remotely on their personal brands. Thus, digital marketing is a skill all businesses should learn whether they are a branding company in Dubai or a multinational corporation in America. 

Here are the ways in which digital marketing is transforming small businesses

  1. Global Consumers

Through digital marketing small businesses can now reach global customers. This is incredibly beneficial especially for businesses that sell digital products and services. This can be done through targeted social media advertisements, however, if a small business aims to reduce their costs, this can be done through the creation of short viral videos on Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Tiktok among other platforms. Social media, nonetheless, isn’t the only way to reach global customers through digital marketing, and when using it brands need to research the most effective ones to promote their products. Moreover, companies can also optimize their websites for search engines by looking through local trends of cities they want to appeal to and use it in the content and products they aim to advertise. Either way, through digital marketing small businesses can also become globally recognized.

  1. Celebrities / Influencer Marketing

Because of the increased reach digital marketing provides there is a huge possibility of celebrities coming across small business products and services. This reduces the gap to communicate with influential people to promote one’s business. Moreover, social media also provides the opportunity to connect with celebrities and influencers as most either check their messages regularly or has a team that does the same, nonetheless, rather than endlessly mailing products to celebrity homes with the hope of a feature, now businesses can easily communicate about their brand and vision and find means of promoting their brand through influencers and celebrities, it is therefore, no wonder that influencer marketing had such a boom during the COVID 19 pandemic.  

Digital marketing ranges well beyond social media, yet it is social media that has truly made it so impactful. It is no wonder that apps like Clubhouse are booming as people look for alternative platforms to grow on. Moreover, the increase in digital marketing is why platforms like Hulu are requesting small businesses to send pitches to show ads on their platforms. Overall, it can be noted that while digital marketing is already transforming small businesses, it has a long way to go and that in the coming years it will expand further and be an essential skill for all business owners.