How important it is to have a good customer database with authentic verification?

One of the most valuable assets of a company is a good database. The information contained in the database must be of quality. That is, the data you collect from each client must be reliable and correct. In addition, you have to try to have as much data to classify customers and give them the most personalized attention possible. And, for that reverse phone lookup offers you a complete free background check. So, you can get every important details of your customer – by just a simple phone number. 

What is a database for?

  • Be in permanent contact with the clients, and thus be on your mind 24 hours.
  • Be aware of the consumption habits of pharmacy customers depending on their age, sex and so on.
  • Give our customers a personalized service, according to their interests.
  • Generate strategies for medium-term marketing actions. Once you have a clear idea of ​​the sample we are working on, you can more accurately plan the pharmacy’s marketing actions.

How to generate the database?

The collection of customer data is the way to create a database. A good way is through loyalty forms. Through these forms you can meet your customers. In addition to obtaining the general and contact data of your clients, you can know their tastes, their habits of consumption in the pharmacy as well as other data of interest such as the demographic segment to which they belong. With reverse phone lookup you can make this job easier. If you only have the number, but no details – you just entry the number and the system will give you exact details of your customers. 

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The databases of your clients and potential clients are indispensable. They must include information such as name, address, telephone, past purchases and demographic information about the consumer so that your company knows them and can offer them new products related to their history. These are some of the benefits of maintaining a customer database:

  • Reduce marketing and communication costs.
  • It facilitates the consultation of the information on history and analysis of sales potential.
  • Organize consumers in different interests and segments to focus communication and marketing actions with a higher level of customization.
  • It allows to maintain a relationship with customers, suppliers and high quality prospects.

Management and updating of the database

It is not enough to have a quality database, you have to know how to manage it to obtain optimal results from it. For this it is essential that the database is updated. One way to be able to debug the database is through the reports of the email marketing campaigns. Through these reports you can see which clients do not receive your communications and establish specific actions on them to collect correct data.

In short, a quality database is a key tool for improving the profitability of the business. Although this does not happen by magic, but rather involves work that often requires the help of specialized companies. For the creation of your databases there are several solutions. At the time of leaning towards one of them consider two important aspects:

Integrity of data refers to the fact that the information is not repeated or lost when it is stored. Security system, which allows that they can only be accessed or consulted by people in your company with authorized access. It is important to note that your employees within the company must take into account that all storage, access, use, communication, manipulation, and disposition of information in the database must be previously authorized.

How should it be a quality database?

A quality database must first contain fair information. That is, have enough data to be able to have a client status just by consulting it. This does not mean that you fill your database with information, but that it must contain the precise information so as not to get lost when making a query. In summary, the database must contain all the information necessary to meet your client at first glance. On the other hand, it is recommended that it be collected in one place. The ultimate goal of this is not to lose data in the passage from one computer medium to another. A good idea is to have the customer data registered in the management system.