How PHP Engineer Meet Other PHP Engineers

PHP, a popular programming language developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, is one of the widely used programming languages around the world. Its ease of use and availability of experts makes it one of the first choices for creating an enterprise-level web application. Many e-Commerce frameworks, like Magento, were built on PHP. The popular social media platforms Facebook, was built on PHP.  In other words, PHP is a dominant programming language in the world of software development.

With popular Content Management Software such as WordPress using PHP, it is hard to dismiss its presence in the web arena. And contrary to some belief, PHP is not dead. Furthermore, more and more PHP engineers are streaming their code LIVE, and they are using the social platform, LiveEdu to do it One such engineer is Protolicious.

But how does PHP engineers meet other PHP engineers? Here then, are three ways PHP engineers meet other PHP engineers:

Through Chat Windows

PHP engineers can watch their peers live stream their development process and interact with them directly via LiveEdu’s chat window. This is a very easy way to meet PHP developers, as all you have to do is sign in to your account, visit their channels, and start chatting.

Through User Discovery Engine3

User Discovery Engine, also know as Broadcaster Discovery, is a search tool that PHP engineers use to search for other PHP engineers. Using the engineer’s location in the database, the engine searches through thousands of users on Engineers then are able to use the messaging system to contact other PHP engineers they are interested in meeting.

Through the Streamer Schedule3

Let’s look at a practical scenario: Portolicious wanted to see a fellow PHP engineer code LIVE, but she also wants her pepperoni pizza. So she put the pizza in the microwave and decided to search for a PHP engineer. Fifteen minutes later, she is frustrated because all she finds are Python and C++ and no PHP. Shaking her head, she closes her laptop and goes into the kitchen to see if her pizza can be salvaged. She promptly bursts into tears when she sees the charred remains of what should have been a succulent slice of pepperoni pizza. Of course, we know Portolicious would never cry. This is just make-believe. But you get the point. By using the streamer schedule, Portolicious can see when all PHP engineers are streaming and thus make a connection.

So, those are some of the ways PHP engineers meet other PHP engineers on Can you think of other ways you could recommend to PHP engineers? Drop us a line in the Comments box below.