How to become Instagram influencer in your niche

Instagram is a social network that is built with the purpose of connecting people and creating communities. Within these communities, each user can be a follower or an influencer, and there is a huge difference between these two qualities. And if you want to become an Instagram Influencer, there is no shortcut that you should consider. Rather, try the steady and logical way and stay away from applications that promise you free followers, likes and so on and so forth. The only thing that this third-party application will do will be to get your account deactivated or compromised. There are specialized digital agencies that are managing your page for you, with the only purpose of organic growth of followers and engagement, ExplodeGram is such agency.

If you want to become a legit Instagram influencer, the first thing that you need to do is to define your niche. Be as authentic as you can and reach your audience with your originality because everyone can copy someone else at any time, but there is just one way to be you, and that way is what you need to explore and focus on. The content that you create has to be representative and unique in a charming way to catch the crowd’s attention and place you in a special league. Use quality pictures or videos and try to engage your audience into a compelling story that they will want to follow. Keep your posts around the same area rather than posting about everything else. An account that stays constant and faithful to its niche will always have better chances of success. It is equally important to take advantage of all the free tools that Instagram is offering you.

You can use hashtags to highlight your content and add it to a community who shares the same interests, you can create an Instagram story which works with the short attention span, and you can be constant in doing Instagram Live videos. Besides these obvious features, you should get familiar with using Instagram Insights, especially if you have a business account, and see how productive and efficient your Instagram strategy is. A great tip that will ease your way to become an Instagram Influencer is to interact with your audience and do it constantly! Make your followers a priority and treat them with the attention that a priority deserves. Comment on your posts and their posts and make sure to check your messages regularly and stay in touch with your old and new followers as well as those that you want to gain in your near future. It is essential to have a constant behaviour and a lot of patience. Of course, you want to be famous after your first post but chances are this will not happen so fast. It takes work and a good strategic approach if you want to become a well-known Instagram Influencer.

Associating all your social accounts with your Instagram account will help as well. Friends or followers from other accounts will most likely join your Instagram account, and that will increase your number of followers and give a great image to your account. By following these simple rules and suggestions, the chances are that you will become an Instagram Influencer sooner or later. The time it takes to reach that level depends on your work and dedication and how much you love what you do!