How to Choose the Right Website Builder for Your Business

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It’s a well-accepted fact that all business owners nowadays should have their own website.

There are three ways to build a website: do it yourself, hire someone else to do it, or use a free website builder.

The first option isn’t always feasible since not so many entrepreneurs know how to code. The second option is great, but it can also set you back thousands of dollars and take a long time.

The third option, therefore, is the best way to go if you’re just starting out in your business and don’t have the big budget for your website. Website builders do make it easy for business owners to make a website without learning CSS, HTML, or other coding languages.

Now, with dozens of alternatives, which one is the right website builder for you?

The first step to find out is to know what your website needs before you decide. By knowing what you require and selecting the right program, you will save yourself from having to spend hours creating a site only to find it does not do what you need it to do and having to begin all over.

You can get your business website online and with less frustration by picking the right website builder. Here are some things to consider before signing up to one.

Look at Your Budget

Website builders come in all price packages. Some are even free, which is great if you’re just trying to figure out which website builder to sign up for.

However, note that free plans have several limitations. If you want a professional website, choose the paid plans, which can range from $10 a month or more depending on the features you want to include.

Here is the definitive guide for how to create a website for a small business on a budget.

Offline vs. Online Access

Do you need a program that you can install on your PC and work with as you go offline? If you are on a slow connection, this may be best for you.

Do you want to access your site to work on from a different PC? If so, search for a website builder that you can get access from any PC connected to the internet.


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If you have a site host, you will need to ensure that the website builder you want to consider is compatible with the host. Many website hosts give a selection of website builders to compare.

Note, as well, that some website builders offer domain and hosting services already. This might be the best option for you to make the process more convenient and efficient.

Designs and Templates

Are you searching for something with ready-made templates to choose from? You have to be able to preview the program’s templates before you buy or install it. Choosing this option means saving a lot of time and money since you won’t need to have a web designer do the template from scratch for you.

If you have a site designer you will be working with, search for a site builder that will let your designer produce a template that’s compatible with the builder.

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Customer Support

Are there clearly written directions or video tutorials to help you learn how to utilize the program? Is their customer support responsive if you have any questions?

Make sure that the website builder you choose will have these two features, because otherwise it would make your job so much harder which defeats the purpose of getting a website builder.

Available Features

What are the features your business website needs to have? Take time to plan what you would like your site to do so that you can select the right website builder for you.

Here are some features you might want to include in your website: e-commerce, newsletter, blog, calendar, and photo gallery, among others.

A keynote to take away is that Artificial Intelligence is disrupting website design.


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Consider as well the flexibility of the site builder. Does it let you view and edit the code easily? Are there modifications or add-ons? Can you directly edit the templates if you want to?

You may choose a site builder that does not offer all your needed features, as far as it allows a way of adding those features later. For instance, you may get one you like which does not include any built-in newsletter, however, if it lets you add code for the opt-in box to register with a third-party service as well as integrate it into the website, then it would be good enough.

Getting your website done is no longer as time-consuming and as expensive as it had been before. Just choose the right website builder and watch as your website comes to life in just a short time!