How To Create A Good Website Design

All businesses today need a well-designed website that will deliver the right message across to its patrons and potential customers. A website is nothing but an extension of the business and therefore it is important that it conveys the right message across. Imagine landing on a shabbily made website that does not offer any information about the business activities of the firm or is layered with a number of ads which keep popping up as you navigate through the website. Would you last more than 5 seconds on such as website? Therefore it is imperative that importance is given to website design and development so that your website is designed properly which is able to attract more potential customers.

It is observed that there are 3 main things which keep users away from any website, lack of information, small fonts and difficult interfaces. These three aspects are the main reasons why certain websites don’t see a lot of user traffic. Some of the other factors that keep people away include, too much clicking, too much scrolling, not the right information as depicted in search results, difficulty in navigation, too many ads etc. All these negative attributes should be removed from the website as they can seriously hamper you and your company image.

In order to improve the design of your website, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

Aesthetics: This relates to the look of the website. It is essential that your website look good and appealing to the user. While the look of the website is important, do not sacrifice the usability of the website. Essentially, the design should be such that it leads the user from the most important item to the secondary item. This can be easily achieved by means of typography and space. For calls to action, relevant colors and images can be used. There are numerous possibilities, but keep the design clutter free and easy to look at.

Organization: Just like in a house, a website also requires logical placement of information and items. Having a haphazard look demotivates the user and they will not return back to the website. Make sure to place information in a manner that it can be found easily, with a few clicks. The navigation through the website should be logical as well as consistent. Furthermore, it is important there is proper distinction about what is the main information or item and what is secondary.

Spark: Visually your website should add a spark which will catch the attention of the user. It could be in the form of design or an image or even a video. Internet being a visual medium requires something that catches the eye and hooks the user.

Keep these tips in mind during your website design and development to ensure it is created perfectly and it attracts maximum users to your website.

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