How to Eliminate Double Payment Entries & Keying Errors in Your Shop

Accounting errors are the bane of most small businesses. No matter how hard you work to make sure you’ve got a thoroughly audited and professional set of financial records, keying errors at the cashier’s point of operation can still introduce errors. The best way to work around this is by using a versatile payment system that eliminates the need for keying numbers. Modern point of sale systems like the Clover POS provide businesses with alternatives that give sales associates the opportunity to navigate a visual interface that does not rely on numeric keying, to check customers out faster and more accurately.

Integrate Your Inventory and Sales

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The best part of these new point of sale systems is simple. They integrate various aspects of your business management practices to make your operation more efficient. Not only can you count on your POS to integrate your inventory and sales pages for lower error at the register, you can also count on them to keep your inventory measurements accurately, so you can calculate shrinkage when you take inventory on-site.

Extra Benefits of POS Systems

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When you upgrade to a modern POS, you can also count on:

  • Customer insights and marketing support
  • Gift cards and loyalty program support
  • Employee schedule management
  • Customizable options to fit your business

The Clover POS is amazing and versatile, but if you need options that lie outside its range of abilities, there are many other manufacturers and models, too. Just check them out at Merchant Account Solutions.