How to Fix LCD TV on Wall Using TV Wall Mount?

These days, you could find LCD TVs in almost all such homes. That much, people would like to experience the latest technology and trend in their every single step. Watching a cricket match or an award function or some other programs in LCD TV is something that really has no comparison. But there are people that end up in having a confusion regarding fixing the LCD TV on wall. If that is the case with you, you have to read the article further to find out the simple steps for mounting the LCD TV on wall.

  • First of all, you have to make sure that your TV is mountable. In order to find out that, you have to look at the backside of your LCD TV and check whether or not it has 4 screw inserts to attach the wall mount.Image result for How to Fix LCD TV on Wall Using TV Wall Mount?
  • Once after ensuring that your TV is mountable, you have to pick up the wall mount stand. While choosing the wall mount, you have to consider the size of your TV and rotation that you need with the wall mount. That is, some wall mounts do not let you rotate your TV and there are wall mounts that can offer rotation to any side possible.
  • Next is that, you have to choose the wall. While choosing the wall, you have to make sure that the wall has no obstructions on it. Since, if the wall you choose has any obstructions, it does not allow the cables run easily.
  • Now, you have to mark the exact location where you want to place your LCD TV. Again check that particular marked place for any obstructions. And then, you have to fix the wall mount on the place where you want to fix it.
  • And then, you have to connect the studs using the stud finder. You have to use 2 bolts in any one stud to make sure that your TV will never move once it is mounted on the wall. If your TV is heavy, using 2 bolts in 2 studs would be the ideal choice to do.
  • Now, you have to connect the mounting rails to the backside of your LCD TV. Make sure the connection is accurate and to the point.
  • Now, hang your LCD TV on the wall mount as per the directions incorporated with your wall mount. Different types of wall mounts offer different directions and methods to hang the TV on the mount. So, you have to place your TV according to your wall mount. Do not forget to connect the safety screws. The safety screws will help your TV to stay at a standard place rather falling off.

  • Almost, fixing your TV on wall using a wall mount is done now. Only one thing is left. Yes, you have to now connect your cable inputs to your TV. In LCD TVs, you can find the cable inputs either at the bottom backside of the LCD TV or at the side of the backside of the LCD TV.

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