How to Increase App Downloads with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

We all know that Facebook is a very critical and important source for mobile app developers and startups to reach their audience. Especially, because of Facebook’s advanced targeting options, developers have a chance to spend their budgets in a smart way with a higher ROI. However, it is not enough to create an ad and throw it to Facebook for an amazing performance. You should be aware of the following best practices of using Facebook mobile app install ads properly.

  • Use Facebook Analytics for Apps in order to segment your users well. It will help you to know their behaviors and improve your ads accordingly.
  • Segment your users according to their ages, locations, mobile devices, sex, interests (which is the most important segmentation option in Facebook), demographics, language, and mobile devices. It is up to you to pick the criteria according to your users.
  • Social proof is very important in Facebook ads. Don’t forget to use phrases like “5000+ users”.
  • Facebook gives you choices for your call to action. You don’t have to pick “Download” only. According to your app’s category, you can choose CTA like Shop Now or Watch More.
  • Researches shows that images that include a mobile device have a positive effect on number of downloads. This is why add such an image to your Facebook mobile app install ad.
  • Facebook wants you to make the placement in the most proper way. For your mobile app, you should place your ad on the mobile news feed and audience network.
  • One of the most common mistakes made by developers is focusing only on the features of the mobile app. People will not react positively to your app’s amazing features in the mean time they see your ad. They will be interested in the benefits that they will get from your app. This is why, in the description field of your mobile app, concentrate on your app’s benefits, not its features.
  • There are some amazing phrases that people love to see in ads. These phrases help audience to take an action like download. Researches showed that “free”, “now”, and “new” are most common positive phrases that people love.
  • You can prefer creating a Single Image Ad but you have another option for more impression. This is Carousel Ads. You can upload more than 1 screenshot of your app to convince your users.
  • If you have a retail app, you can consider Facebook Dynamic Ads for more sales and revenue. It helps you to promote your catalog by integrating it to Facebook. It’s kind of retargeting ad option provided by Facebook.