How to Mop Your Floor Using Your Phone

How would it feel to mop your floor using your phone? Not by dipping it in water or sticking it to a mop head! 

With the right device, you can do the job using a smartphone app. The iRobot Braava M6 is the latest in cleaning robot technology and does just that. Giving a cleaner home at your convenience.

What is a Braava M6?

This is an upgrade from the earlier Braava 380t and Braava Jet 240 versions. The M6 looks to ensure efficiency in cleaning while doing away with the limitations in previous versions. It will dust or mop your place to perfection then return back to a docking unit to recharge, ready for another go.

While robot mops have not been the most prominent technology hit in most homes, the Braava Jet M6 changes this. It has revolutionized home cleaning, making it a success among smart home owners. This cleaning robot is a top of the range cleaning machine.  Made to ensure usefulness by mopping your floors automatically whenever you need it.

There is no other mop from iRobot that has the top technological advancements found in the Braava Jet M6. It comes with wifi-integration, recharge & resume, Imprint Link Technology and zoned mapping features. These make it the best option when looking for a powerful cleaning experience. You can also set Keep Out Zones for areas where you need more control. Allowing it to avoid areas altogether, places with toys and dog bowls for example.

Clean when you want

With a scheduling option on the app you can choose the time of day and the number of times per week you might need. You can even clean when you aren’t there so you have the pleasure of coming home to a beautiful mopped floor.

Even though the Braava M6 is not a vacuum cleaner, you can pair it with other robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot. Sync your robot vacuum with the mop for a more thorough clean. The vacuum will pick up all the dirt off the floor then signal the Braava M6 that it’s finished. This sends the M6 to start mopping the swept floor. Double cleaning, all from your phone.

Some of the robot vacuums that the Braava M6 can pair with are the Roomba S9+ and its earlier version the Roomba S7+.

Braava Jet M6 Features

Superior Design

The Braava Jet M6 comes in a sleek design that makes it a suitable addition to your home. The white body has a striking look with a simple manual start button. Lift the lid to access the water tank which you can fill from the tap. A pad fits to the base for cleaning and it’s all stored and charged on a charging dock. This has a tray on the bottom to contain any drips.

Recharge and Resume

The Recharge and resume feature of the Braava M6 conveniently allows you to operate the mop as long as you want. You also don’t have to start over when the battery drains. After the recharge, the mop will automatically start from the point it left. The benefit of this is more obvious if you have a large floor area, as the mop can keep cleaning till it’s finished.

Cleaning Options

The kind of space you are planning to clean doesn’t matter when it comes to the Braava M6. Whether you are looking to clean a large area that is open and wide, or a smaller space, the M6 comes in handy. You can decide if you want to dry mop the floor to clean away the dust or wet mop it. Set the amount of spray you want and the number of passes the mop will do so you can do a light or deep clean. Be aware, the more passes you choose the longer it takes.

Alternative Mopping Pads

The manufacturers of the Braava M6 offer 2 cleaning modes depending on how dirty your floor gets. That is why the mop comes with two different mopping pad designs: wet and dry mopping pads. The Braava jet adjusts automatically based on the connector of the mopping pad. Select the appropriate pad and the machine will know what you want it to do. The mSeries wet mopping pads have wicking fibers for easy cleaning of sticky messes, kitchen grease and stubborn dirt.

Room Mapping

This mop has the same camera capability as the iRobot vacuums. It can map the floors so that it will move in the most efficient way for the quickest mop. It will take into account your furniture and avoid it. The maps from the camera download onto your phone. Using the maps you can identify your different rooms and name them. This means that you can clean by room. If your kitchen needs a daily clean while your other rooms need cleaning every other day you can set that up. All from your phone.

Imprint Link Technology

The Braava M6 comes with Imprint Technology. This allows it to link to a robot vacuum so they can clean one after the other. You won’t have to think about sending the mop out to clean after you have vacuumed. The imprint link does that for you automatically. You get the whole automatic cleaning experience that can fit into any smart home.

Easy to use

The Braava jet M6 is an easy to use machine that does not need you to have in-depth technical know-how to operate. The mop comes with a start button on top, which you can use to operate it. To get the best out of it though, the app and your phone make all the difference. Once you have set up where you want it to clean and how well you want it to clean, you’re almost done. Fill it with water and add the right pad. Set it and forget it. The notifications will let you know if it needs more water and you will have to change the pad once it’s finished.

Parts and Accessories

Everything you need to start is in the box. You will need to buy more disposable or the more cost effective reusable pads for continued use. All these parts are available online.

  • 2 sweeping pad 
  • 2 wet mopping pads 
  • Charging base 
  • Mopping cleaning liquid 
  • Power cord 
  • Braava M6 mopping robot

Wrapping Up

The top-notch features in the M6 is a sign of how far technology has come. There’s much more choice now when choosing a robot mop. The camera mapping sensors, automatic recharge, and the ability to imprint brings it up to the level of the latest robot vacuums. 

If you want to kick some of your chores into touch, investing in a Braava Jet M6 is one of the best ways. Mop your floor using your phone by making your appliances work for you.