How to set up a hotmail account?

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Hotmail is a very simple and easy way to send and get the emails from any part of the world. Hotmail is grown very largely in the recent years; it has more than 360 million users. Rather than attracting large audience it also completely change from its original starting; now there are lot more add on features will introduced which gives you a better user experience and also it is very fast. If you create a hotmail ID you can easily access other Microsoft service too such as xbox live, skype etc.

How to create a hotmail account

  • In order to hotmail sign up you need to access the internet then you have to go to the After you go to the website of hotmail, then you need to choose the option of sign up to create an account.
  • When you click the sign up option then a new page will open in which you need to choose your email address (check the availability of the email address you choose), after your email address gets approved by the service operator you need to choose the password of your account always choose the password which is unique and hard to decode this will ensure your account safety. While choosing the password makes sure that your password should contain characters.
  • After the email address and the password filling you need to fill down other information like your gender, phone number (optional), you, age, country, date of birth and more.
  • It is better to provide your phone number while creating an account because if you forget your password they will send you one time password (OTP) to your phone number through which you can log in, in your account and change your password.
  • At last you need to solve the Captcha code, in order to create your account. This is the final step in this process after this whenever you need a hotmail login you simply sign in by providing your email and password.