iMovie for Windows (iMovie for PC 7/8/XP)

Apple has come up with this amazing video editing software which helps people to get their own video done all by themselves. This software is easy to use so you don’t have to complete any crash course in order to operate this app. When the popularity of the app increased everybody wanted to get this iMovie for Windows so that they can make use of this on their personal computer. The other apps like the iTunes from Apples have also become quite popular when it was launched and is still flying high on popularity. iMovie is another gem from the house of Apples which is creating quite a ripple amongst the users of this video editing software. People can’t stop gushing about this video editing software as according to them it is one of the easiest software they have come across to get their things done and not only that you can carry on with your work of editing like a professional. This software will help you create videos quickly without investing much on any other video editing software. The user interface of this software is pretty simple and once you are ready with your movie, then you have the iMovie Theater to showcase your talent.  Image result for iMovie for Windows (iMovie for PC 7/8/XP)

Without this software common people would have never experienced the pleasure of movie making. So if you always thought of making short movies for your friends and families, then get started with this software and surprise them with your creativity.

Features of iMovie

You will get a long list of features of iMovie, which will help you create one of the most unforgettable video of your own –

  • First of all, that attracts the attention of its users is the easy interface with loads of tools present to make your movie making experience a pleasurable one.
  • There is no need to mess around as the Home tab of iMovie presents you with all the videos therefore you will be able to store all the videos at one place. This will ensure that you don’t wander around from one tab to the other to find out the required video
  • You can make your own video by joining two videos or more than two or three videos together. You can easily use any kind of transition to join the two different videos from the tools that are made available in this software
  • You can also cut video and then join it to another video effortlessly
  • If you want to make use of multiple themes, then also it is a possibility as you will find number of themes already present in there to make your life easier. These themes will enhance the look of your video and will provide it a professional touch.
  • An amazing feature of this video editing software is that you can make video out of the still images
  • Adding text is also easy anywhere in the video and if you want to animate something then also you can do that as animation feature is also present in this software

iMovie for Windows PC 7/8/XP

You can use iMovie for Windows PC 7/8/XP and enjoy the following features –

  • Special effects can be added to make your movie making experience simply out of this world
  • Once you have added the theme, then don’t think that you have to stick to it as you can make changes at any point of time
  • As the movie comes with trailers to make people understand what the movie is all about in the same way, even you can come up with your trailer by picking up some of the best shots from your movie
  • With the help of theater you will be able to showcase your movie so that the world can acknowledge your talent

If you always thought of making a movie, but wasn’t aware of the software with the help of which you can make your own movie then iMovie is the perfect answer to all your queries. You can make the movie as per your choice and that too professionally.

How to install iMovie on your personal computer

iMovie for Windows is one of the most awaited software and everybody wants to get it on their system so that they can make the most out of it. Here is what you have to do to get it on your system –

  • Start the process with downloading iMovie for Windows PC 7/8/XP from the internet
  • For downloading you will require 1GB of space free on your PC
  • Ensure that you have a high speed internet package which supports such a large download
  • Once the downloading is completed, you can install it on your computer
  • Now you are ready to use the iMovie on your computer once the installation is completed