Importance of using domain name

Many of them love to run their own website, some will do it because they love technical work or some will do because they want to earn money from them. If you want to establish a website then it is important to register your own domain name. Domain name is simply referred to as internet address or a location of a website. Domain is like you purchase a domain for CBD and then name your product “CBD oil” or something else, domain name is something which you can use to refer for your site.Image result for Importance of using domain name

Importance of domain

There are many reasons to have a domain name such as –

  • If you want to change your web host for some reason, you don’t need to change your domain because your domain name remains with you. Your regular customers and visitors, that know your website name as Then it is not necessary for you to inform you about new website, they can type your domain name and they can access your new website.
  • If you have a business and also have a domain name then it is prove to be very beneficial for you because many people want to the do the online business with only those who have domain name.
  • If you want that your website attracts good sponsors, then domain name is very useful for you because a domain name provides identification to your website.

Register domain name

  • When you want to make a website it is important to choose good name for your website. It is important to make a unique and simple name which attracts the visitors towards your website. Your name should define your website content, so choose carefully.
  • Then you need to pay the specific amount for that domain to the registrar company. Payment is only considered by the digital modes so make sure that your credit card is ready with you.
  • Choose a host service for your domain. There are many companies that have a good reputation, choose the company wisely. Make sure that the service you choose is register on the ICANN database which keeps the record of all domain names.
  • After choosing the company, you have to fill their form in which you have to provide the information about you. This step is necessary because they register all the information in their database. After all these process you will get your domain name.