Important Points to Note before Starting as a Reseller Web Host

Jean Dennison
December 12, 2017

The web hosting industry has revealed the unexplored horizon of opportunities for business these days, and it has been consistently turning out as a lucrative business arena to invest in. The reason is obvious; every business today needs a website and no website can perform without a web server and hosting space.

What is a Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is when a company leases the hosting resources from a parent web host and sells it as its own service. Before getting started as a reseller web hosting services company, some things are there to consider if you want to determine whether the option is beneficial for you or not.

What You Should Consider

Mentioned here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before you get your feet wet with reseller hosting.  

  • Handpicking the right hosting plan

You should be cautious when choosing a reseller hosting plan at the outset—at least. Doing this gives you access to complete server resources that can afterward be branched out according to the needs of your customers.

Therefore, you should bestow your utmost importance to the features, attributes, and essentials of the plan you will be choosing before investing your hard-earned money on it. When going for bulk server resources, you will be getting huge discounts and this way you can capitalize the profit acquired eventually.

  • Devising effective hosting plans

Think about your USP (unique selling point). What it is that others don’t offer? Make your hosting plans different from those already facilitating the hosting-service-seekers out there. Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and be utterly rational about what they actually need. You can also add important features as the freebies in your plan that other hosting providers charge for.

Also, if you are serving as an all-rounder with different other services like SEO and web development along with hosting, then you can easily lure your customers to buy hosting from you by offering them free SEO or web development service. It depends on you how ingeniously you manipulate the pricing while making your customers have the feeling that they are making the most beneficial deal of their life with you.

  • Look for the flexibility

Quite essential it is that your web host provides excellent servers and value quality. Many managed dedicated hosting service providers do not cater for the supporting applications other than those integrated into their initial server program. Make sure our prospective web host flaunts a great assortment of applications.

  • Experience of support staff

When you look for the technical support, quite annoying it can be to suffer from unresponsive consultations or encountering amateur “customer service” agents when you actually need an experience, technical system administrator to get all your issues addressed. Before hiring a web host, make sure to check how the support team is structured, how responsive the actual systems administrators can be when you need instant assistance, and how experienced they are in this regard.

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