Important Tips to Help You Create the Perfect IVR Survey

March 11, 2021

Unlike before, it is not easy to voice out consumers’ opinions about the business they frequently support. That was a long time ago. Nowadays, with the advanced development of our technology, especially in the communication service, it has become easy for clients and customers to express their thoughts about the product or service, or feedback about the way business’ customer service treats them.

And with this technological advancement, every organization should try its best to provide the ultimate customer service and support. With the introduction of IVR or Interactive Voice Response, companies are now able to offer seamless interaction with their customers.

But how should you create the perfect IVR survey? Listed below are the essential tips to create an ultimate one.

  1. Know your targets – creating a compact set of targets is sometimes being overlooked by most business owners. On the contrary, it is worth noting that setting your targets at an early phase is of utmost importance. The most fundamental examples here are your survey target and the awareness and thorough understanding that you will eventually learn and discover with your questionnaire. As much as possible, be specific with the details to be able to get the data from a customer base.

  2. As early as possible, start your review – since you are already aware of the information you will put on your questionnaire, it’s now the right time to analyze the information as to what is essential and how you will use the said data drawn from the survey. To save you from headaches and stress in the later part, you should outline how the information will be utilized in the planning stage. Developing a systematic approach at an early stage will allow you to focus on the information from the data.

  3. Test, test, test – before the launching of your survey campaign, you should first test it to a small focus group that is relevant to your target individuals. It is a perfect way of knowing any challenges that might arise so you can provide an immediate solution before sending them out to the public.

  4. Personalized your survey — this merely means that you should refrain from begging for people to participate in your survey. Instead, reveal to them the reason why you are conducting the survey and asking for their feedback. Having a personalized message will help you in making your target respondents participate.

  5. Get your message directly to the point – avoid making a long-form of the survey. Most respondents wouldn’t like time-consuming polls that would take them a long time to complete. Get directly to the point. Customers tend to become frustrated when they are answering surveys that take longer than they expected. What is worse is their tendency of quitting the survey before completing it.

  6. Keep it simple – you might be as tempted of filling your questionnaire with as many inquiries as you can. Don’t think that you can collect insight into the different areas of your business by doing so. Remember that the shorter your surveys but frequent will offer the accuracy of your customer satisfaction.

  7. Timing is everything – when you are conducting your survey, timing is what it takes. It is of the utmost importance when asking your respondents within the right time to avoid inaccurate information in your analysis.

  8. Listen to your customers – So you conducted a survey, and you just let their feedback sitting somewhere without analyzing and taking the right action about it. This is very wrong. It is crucial to let your users know that every survey they take counts and every feedback they provide is heard. In the future, when they saw that their feedback was being taken by you seriously, they will be happy to answer all your other surveys. The best part? They will appreciate the way you listen to them.

  9. Get the most of your information – the very reason why you conduct a survey would probably be to perform a better analysis of your business performance and find out the areas that need improvement. Don’t overlook other data that might seem irrelevant to your company. Who knows, you might be surprised knowing that they are related in a way or two.

  10. Patience, patience, patience – okay, now that you have already rolled out your survey to the mass after thorough research, creation, cross-analysis, and testing. Don’t prematurely celebrate or be too excited. Be patient until enough data is collected before you decide on your conclusion.

Final words

Most of us tend to be subjective when it comes to asking questions. Avoid being biased since it will jeopardize your credibility. This will also help you gather accurate information from your customers.

If you are having trouble creating your survey campaign, get in touch with Telnum. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to virtual technology such as cloud-based communication systems. Our Tech Specialists are ready to help you in analyzing your company’s overall structure and are more than willing to provide you sound advice. Reach to us now!

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