Influence of RFID on School Automation and Management

With the advancement of technology, the digitalization is making way into our schools as well. What comes as a great news is that RFID is such a deemed technological portal which has the utmost potential to shape the future of educations and safety of the kids too. The RFID for schools is the new way of tagging the school going children for their safety, a number of smart schools have already started integrating children with the revolutionary RFID tags. There are a number of pros when it comes to RFID tags with regard to the schooling automation & management for the same.

In this article, we’ll analyse and list the best of the points that are associated with the RFID tags for school automation.

  1. Student Data: With the introduction of the RFID tags for the kids, parents can know the information about their ward such as grades, homework related info, fines, nuisance records and most importantly attendance. Parents can be sure about the fact that their kids are attending the school. The RFID tag promotes the collection of the student’s data over a grand database. It also enables the teachers to know about the medical history of the student. The details about the fees, accounts and more can be obtained by the same.
  2. Unprecedented access for parents: The RFID tags enables the parents in tracking the child’s activities through deemed portals & mobile applications. In other words, you can know everything about your child when he or she is out there in the school. The RFID technology reduces the barrier between the school management and parents in an effective manner. Know about the necessary info like PTA meetings, assignments, marks and more when you consider the RFID tech at your tips.
  3. Advanced communication: Communication amidst the school, teachers & the parents is vital in deciding the fate of the kids. RFID is great when it comes to ensuring a proficient management system for the schools. It can be tiresome for you to get a report of your child through ordinary phone calls, integration of RFID can result in rapid communication between the trio. The teacher can even send voice messages & e-mails to the students at ease. Parents can also know about the major upcoming events in the schools. The lives of the parents have become much easier because of the same.
  4. Smart Attendance portal: With RFID, schools can introduce an efficient attendance marking portal. This can be a revolutionary step in determining the security & punctuality of your kids. Marking the attendance of the kids every time is tiring for the schools. The RFID for schools provides a great alternative to this problem. Now recording the attendance of the kids is just a click away. The attendance can be shareable amidst various portals through the parents and the management.
  5. Online fees pay: RFID for schools provides an exuberant option to the parents, now you can pay the fees of your ward from the comfort of your home. Parents can pay the fees at utmost ease, schools are also benefitted from the same. Schools now can maintain a deemed and easy record for the fees they receive through the medium of RFID from the students. The transactions will become soothing and comforting.
  6. Cloud platform services: What comes as a great news is that, with RFID tags, we can maintain great Cloud-based services. This will promote a better security amidst the management and will cost less as compared to traditional local servers. A hefty sum goes to the maintenance of the local servers, with the RFID tags, schools can now use cloud hosting for their data & it is way too cheap.
  7. Tracking the teacher’s schedule: School management can track the viability of the teachers, everything about a teacher from the presence in class to the schedule can be tracked with the aid of the RFID tags, the tags are great when it comes to providing the unprecedented access to unbiased data.

The whole concept of RFID for schools promotes the Digital India dream as well, the benefits of the RFID tags are unmatched. The tags contain a great level of potential amidst them, school management can benefit hugely from the same.