Interesting Facts About SEO You Need to Know 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to boosting any business’s visibility online. But you need to know a lot when it comes to SEO, because this digital marketing process is constantly changing and updating. It can be overwhelming to stay up-to-date and on top of everything. 

However, it’s good to have a few digital marketing tips in mind when you start developing your SEO strategy. Here are some interesting facts about SEO you need to know to be successful online.

A good 75% of SEO has to do with someone else’s site

There are two types of SEO. On page means your own website, and off page means someone else’s. It’s essential to work on both factors when it comes to improving your SEO, but most people forget to focus their efforts on off page methods. A full 75% of a website’s SEO has to do with off page, which is why it’s important to invest in link building. You will want to develop quality content that others will want to link to, then create an outreach campaign where you will find other relevant websites in your niche and ask them to link to you. The more websites you have linking to you, the more your domain rating will grow, and the more relevant Google will rank your website.

Keywords aren’t always short

Many people think that proper keywords are short and simple, but in reality, about half of all keywords are four words or longer. This means that you need to focus your efforts on long-tail keywords just as much as short phrases. Remember, you can’t have too much versatility when it comes to the keywords you incorporate on your website, so feel free to experiment a bit.

Your titles matter

The whole point of creating a quality website is to have potential customers come to you and read information about who you are and what products you offer. Whether or not you have the best blog in the world, your pages need the best titles so that people will click on them. In fact, titles are considered the second most important SEO element after content itself. 

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Long form is bigger and better than ever

Long form content is content that is lengthy, such as 1,000 words or more. A common misconception is that all content on a website should be short, sweet, and to the point, but this is untrue. In fact, longer form content actually turns out to be shared and linked to much more than short blogs items of about 300 words.

The first page is the most important

We all know that landing within the first page of a Google search result is the most important goal of every SEO campaign, but the key placements lie within the first five slots on the first page. The first top results are so powerful that they tend to get 75% of all clicks on that page.

Focus on the smartphones

Smartphones are everywhere, and more and more consumers are using search engines on their phones. With this in mind, you need to ensure your website is optimized for mobile phones, or you risk no one being able to find it. Investing in a web developer who can make your website mobile responsive is worth it in the end, because you’ll want to make sure you’re being seen by as many eyes as possible. 

SEO can be complex if you don’t have a managed seo services provider to help you through the process. But with these facts in mind, you’ll be on your way to understanding the basics of search engine optimization in no time at all. Get in touch with Fargo SEO – Hook Agency for more help.