Is fabric spray the best choice to revive old furniture?

If you are looking around your home at some of your old furniture and thinking about selling it or throwing it away in order to make space for new fittings, you may want to think carefully before you act. What if you could renew the appearance of your old furniture and make it look virtually new again? Well, you can by using fabric spray paint.

You have probably heard of other methods such as using regular fabric paint or paying someone to reupholster it before. Let’s look at some of these typical methods.

You can hire someone to reupholster your furniture

You could pay an upholsterer to do the work for you. However this would probably be the most expensive option as you are not only paying for the materials fabric and stuffing, you are paying for this trade persons time also. If you have the money to spend on this option be aware that the total bill may be as much as buying a new item.


It is easy to start a DIY project, but will you finish it?

The idea of reupholstering the furniture yourself might sound like a fun project to do. But if you do not know what you are doing it may drag out for a long time or you could get fed up and stop the project while it is unfinished.

You can use your paintbrush with fabric paint

You could just use some fabric paint and apply it manually with a paintbrush. However, it could mean causing a muddle in your home. With splatters of paint staining and damaging your floors and walls, it would not be an enjoyable situation trying to clean up the mess. If you do not already have the tools like paint and the paint brushes to complete the job, it means you will have to spend money buying these beforehand. Using a brush to paint is also a long process and takes a longer time to dry.

Why you should choose fabric spray paint

A lot of us do not have the money to hire someone to reupholster our furniture, or do not have the time to paint it by brush or reupholster it ourselves.

Fabric Spray paint is a low investment choice that will save you money compared to the other options mentioned above. It is a much faster alternative as the paint is fast drying. This is the best option because it will save you both time and money.

Check your furniture before you spray paint it

Of course, not all upholstery fabrics are suitable to spray paint. A recommended idea would be to do a test on a small area before you use it on the whole furniture.

Old furniture was built to last long, give it some life again

This worn out furniture has served your well over the years, you may want to sell it but consider how well new furniture is built compared to new furniture that doesn’t last as long. The best option is to it give your long-serving furniture some well-deserved TLC and use fabric spray paint to dye it and make it look as good as new, possibly even better than before.