Are you looking for a reliable social media sharing and automation software? Do you want to grow your social accounts and get more traffic and more conversions in the same time? Then, JARVEE might be just what you were looking for.

This is my review of JARVEE. Keep reading to see what it can do for your accounts and if it’s the right tool for you.


This is one of the latest social media automation tools on the market. It enables you to share your content across several social networks. But that’s not all. With JARVEE you can fully automate all the interactions you would normally do to grow your social accounts: liking other people’s posts, reposting/retweeting, commenting, following, contacting other users. You just have to add your social profiles and choose the actions you want to do each day, and JARVEE will handle everything for you.

Feature List

You can use JARVEE on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Tumblr.

These are just some of the features I found most interesting and efficient for each social platform:


– You can follow and unfollow other users that might like what you share. There are several methods to search for the most targeted users for your business. When using the right filters, I noticed that a great deal of people that I followed; followed me back and engaged with my posts. I usually just unfollow the people that didn’t follow me back after around 10 days. That’s because I want to engage only with my followers. This is just the method I use; you can test out different methods and stick with the one that you enjoy.

– You can search for tweets from people in your industry and favorite or retweet them. This is another great technique that I use to get people’s attention and bring them to my profile. What I like most about JARVEE is that I can customize the search with so many options that I find only high-quality and extremely targeted tweets.

– You can schedule your posts to be shared throughout the day. This is a no-brainer. I use this feature a lot combined with the RSS import feature that helps me to automatically add all my blog posts to be shared on all my Twitter accounts.


– You can search for other pins and Auto RePin them

– You can leave comments on pins. I use spinning syntax for this one, to have a unique comment for each pin and make it look more natural.

– Watermark your pins – this is my favorite Pinterest feature.

– Follow and unfollow other users, to expand your network

– Create boards and so on


– Search for groups in your niche to join them and connect with their members. This is a powerful method to grow your Facebook reach. The advanced filtering options help in narrowing down only targeted and active groups. So your success rate should be high. I mostly use this method for growing my Facebook.

– Import posts from RSS feeds. This is a major time saver. You can import posts from as many feeds you want. I usually add my blogs and news blogs that are also in my area of expertise. This helps to keep my Facebook page active every day. Since I started using this feature I noticed an increase in website traffic and on page engagement.

Google Plus

My Google Plus strategy is almost the same as the Facebook one. JARVEE has similar features for these two platforms. Of course, Facebook is more efficient in terms of traffic and clients, but I still use Google Plus for the SEO rankings. With JARVEE I don’t have to duplicate my work though. I just have to add a new destination to my Facebook campaigns and it will start posting on my Google Plus accounts too.


– You can find and join Groups with possible clients for your business. I don’t use LinkedIn as much as I should, but I search for targeted groups to share my blog posts in there. It’s a good traffic source, but I think it depends on your niche.

– You can schedule your posts. I also share my blog posts on LinkedIn. With JARVEE I don’t have to do an extra campaign for LinkedIn. I just have to add another source for the posting destinations.

– You can view other people’s profiles. This is an interesting tool to get other LinkedIn user’s attention. They will be notified when their profile is viewed, so if you search for potential customers then you have more chances to get their attention by using this neat tool.


– You can Follow and Unfollow users on Tumblr.

– Search for content on Tumblr and reblog it or auto like it.


– Saves me more than 4 hours of work each day

– Since I started using JARVEE I noticed a 400% increase in engagement on my Facebook page and I started getting customers from Twitter mentions

– I can add as many accounts as I want and still works smoothly

– It’s reliable and fast. I started seeing positive results in just a few days!

– Good tutorials

– You can actually set it and forget it and still have amazing results

– Reasonable price plus a free 5 days trial.


– I really can’t think of any… It’s an awesome automation tool and I’m grateful to found it. Now I have time to travel and focus on other business ideas!