Know How to Convert Djvu to PDF Format in Some Steps

DjVu is one of the open source file formats that are currently maintained by the Caminova. This format is not extensively distributed. There are various users that prefer in converting this format to the popular format that is known as the PDF format. This changing file format is very important while you are exchanging the documents. You will require the DjVu reader or the viewer and the converter software that is helpful in opening these formats and the format like the novaPDF. If you are not having such type of software application, you can download it free from the internet.

DjVu is the file format that was primarily used for storing the scanned documents mainly those that contain the combination of texts, photographs and the line drawing. In some of the situations, the size of the DjVu document is a little smaller than the PDF file. The main benefit of using this file format is that it is having low base. On the other side, PDF is very popular in most of the computers and if you are having the PDF installed in your machine, you can share all the documents with others. DjVu format is very popular in these days. The default DjVu viewer allows the user to convert the file to the PDF format. A third party program is being installed in the computer for the conversion of the formats. There are various such software that help in the conversion of file from one format to another.

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How can you convert DjVu to PDF-

At first, you have to install the DjVu browser plugin in the machine. Then you have to download and install the novaPDF on the computer by using the download image. Double click on the DjVu document, then go to the File, then Open and then select the DjVu file that you want to convert in the PDF file. Once you have opened the file, right click on any page that is on the screen and then choose the File and then PRINT. From the Printer section, select the novaPDF and click on the OK.

Thus, DjVu to PDF conversion is very important in these days to read the files. Just you have to install the software and then convert the file. PDF is more popular and having more security. Thus, it is very easy to convert the file in PDF and read it.