Komodo Platform: How to Improve Bitcoin


Blockchain, the underlying technology that fuels Bitcoin, is currently at its peak. Institutions in and outside of the financial sector are currently researching and testing blockchain technology and how they can improve current business models. While it’s clear that Blockchain tech has alot to offer, the future of its most popular based currency, bitcoin, is threaten by its limitations, such as the lack of scalability, privacy and price stability. Despite the imperfections found in Bitcoin and all of its rival projects, it still carries on as the most traded and widely used cryptocurrency in the space.

The SuperNET community understands that Bitcoin’s value and use represents more than just its functionality and efficiency. It also represents the first viable form of digital money, one that has the potential to change the financial and economic systems that many have grown tired of. As so, Bitcoin will always hold its speculative value (until the day it fails or replaces the current fiat system) in the eyes of its adopters, as a “revolutionary” asset. As so, SuperNET has decided to create tools that complement bitcoin rather than compete with it, as they believe the real competition should be between crypto and fiat, not between crypto A and crypto B.

The Komodo Platform was created to bind together several tools that can help cryptocurrencies achieve mass adoption while using bitcoin as a central part of its security system. By recycling Bitcoin’s computational power that is contributed by miners, Komodo can achieve an unparalleled security among alternative coins, second only to Bitcoin itself. Secured by this technique, transactions within Komodo can private or transparent according to the needs of the users. These two features set the basis on which the Komodo Platform rests.

Additional features provide a “network” for Bitcoin, Komodo and other cryptocurrencies to thrive. These features include the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies in an anonymous and fully liquid environment, along with access to fiat currency assets. These assets are protected by the same security and privacy that Komodo coins have, meaning that they can be transferred and even traded with full anonymity.

To secure a place within the Komodo Platform, users can mine coins with their computers or exchange bitcoin for Komodo coins through the crowdfunding campaign known as “Initial Coin Offering” period. To learn more visit: https://komodoplatform.com/