Learn your typing easily through this site

Easy typing or fast typing or smart typing; these words apply to people who are fabulous in keyboard typing. The typing lessons for beginners are easy to follow through this website. The presence of graphically represented keyboard with graphically drawn fingers over it will help you realize exactly how to type fast and use all your fingers on the keys. It is very obvious that with the presence of the typing test website the following advantages which you will be able to gain on this site are as follow:-

  1. The site is filled with information as per your requirement and of course, you can earn the capability of tying faster with all your fingers within some months if you keep following.
  1. If you open the site you will find various exercises which will help you realize the ways of typing on your keyboard and learning the simple techniques of typing through all your fingers.Image result for Learn your typing easily through this site
  1. There are buttons saying whether you want to keep the Sounds on during typing or not. You can go for the previous exercise or repeat the same exercise or go or the next one. The buttons are all deep blue in color with white fonts for you to recognize.
  1. There is the option to show the graphical hands as well as to hide it. If you think that you need the help of the graphical hands over the graphical keyboard, then you and click the button and if not, you can keep it off.
  1. Each exercise has a selective number of characters and the characters will be shown above the graphically represented keyboard. You can go through all the characteristics and the errors will be shown as usual. You will also get the advantage of the percentage bar which keeps on loading as you move through the typing of keys.
  1. Every time you leave the website and come back you will be given a head start to where you left off on your computer. If you want to know the exact Statistics of your error then, you can click the button for a detailed report.