LINE for PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP Computer)

There are so many communication apps these days on the Smartphones that it gets really confusing to choose any one of them. But if you look closely then you will see that not every chat comes with all kinds of features. LINE came on the market when other messenger apps were already creating a buzz still it became popular due to some of the features that were unique to this app only. This communication app comes with various family apps that you can use like the LINE Camera which comes with more than 5000 wonderful features which includes frames, fonts, filters and stamps. Then LINE brush is there with the help of which you will be able to put your creativity to test and LINE Play allows you to personalize your image or decorate the room before going on to chat or start playing games online with friends. LINE Band is a group messaging option where you can bring together all your friends to have more fun. LINE Antivirus will protect your personal information from getting into the wrong hands through malware attacks. LINE Card will help you with all those moments of celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, promotions and every small and big events of life. All the important tools that might be required by you come in one called the LINE Tools.Image result for LINE for PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP Computer)

Apart from the above apps you will also find several features that will enhance your overall experience. Chatting is not the only thing that you can do with this messenger app instead you can also call your friends up for free. May of us just love to have endless conversation and that too without being billed extra for those hours. A Few years back this seemed to be a distant dream, but with LINE, keeping in touch with friends have become so easy.

Features of LINE for PC or Windows Computer

Within few days of launch LINE became the talk of town and now it has users close to 400 million. Not only that, even 231 countries are part of this huge LINE group so you see people from all over the world is part of this amazing app. It is the number 1 app which is downloaded in huge number in as many as 52 countries.

  • Making crystal clear video calls has never been so easy.
  • Free international calls
  • Enjoy free voice calls and video calls on your Smartphone
  • Make use of vibrant icons and fun things to send messages to your friends and families
  • You can make use of Emoji to convey your message
  • If you are not I the mood to write something, then take the help of stickers to share your emotions
  • Timeline feature will help you to update your status
  • 2 new tones are made available
  • Minor bugs are fixed in newer version of this communication app
  • Theme shop made available
  • Delete, forward or the save feature has been added to the Notes feature
  • In the new version you will get improved User Interface
  • An Audio message can be recorded and send to friends without any extra charge
  • Sharing images and videos is simple

You can easily download LINE on PC now for enjoying all these features right from your computer. This communicating app is available for Mac OS X and Windows OS, so if you are the owner of any one of this operating system then make use of it.

How to Download LINE for PC or Windows (7/8/XP) for Free

It is not like any other Smartphone app as LINE has come up with the PC version as well along with the Smartphone versions. Therefore you do not need to download any third player app to enjoy all the feature of this app. Make sure you follow the below mentioned steps carefully to download LINE on your computer.

  • First things first so download LINE from the app stores on your respective Smartphones that is iOS or the Android
  • Once it is downloaded, you now have to go to the settings menu and then carry out the email registration by entering your email address in the space provided in there
  • You will get an email in your Inbox soon after with the link from where you can download LINE for Windows 7 / 8 / XP for free of cost
  • Follow the instructions that appears and you will have LINE installed on your personal computer

Now you have the spectacular messaging app right on your PC. You will now be able to enjoy the features even if you do not have any Smartphone and stay connected with your friends without spending an extra penny for this app.