Make your website malware free

In this advance technology era, the websites designed also require protection. Similarly, as we require protection from various diseases these websites designed need to be protected from various malwares. These malware are harmful type of software that can access the information secretly from your site without your knowledge. There are categories of malwares that are capable of accessing the information like adware, spyware, Trojan, worms, ransomware and more.

Getting free malware scanning for your device protection

There are various companies that provide these anti malware softwares online tools for your website scanning and protecting it from malwares. Various big companies charge some amount for doing the malware scanning of your website while listed below are some companies that provide the free malware scanning services:

Quttera: This is one of the finest companies that offer the service of cleaning the malwares for free from infected websites and also the blacklisted removal by providing several safety information like defacements, malware if detected and injected spam.

Virus total: Another good company for providing malware security for free that facilitates quick scanning of worms, viruses, Trojans and different kinds of malwares.

Metascan: This Company provides the scanning of IP address or the file of malwares.  

While Recoverwp is one of the finest companies that provides great solution to all the website owners in comparison to the above listed companies, as this company provides better protection to your websites, as everyday they keep updating their database of their website scanner and adding new features in making your websites safe. They provide the website scanning facility for free not only for one website of yours but you can also use it for more. They always rescan for more clearance.

Mentioned all the above companies are trust worthy and can provide you the best malware protection services for free and make your website healthier and virus free.