Marketing Chine: A 5 Step Guide

Since last few years, china`s approach to marketing and social media has been an incredible journey. There are now not less than 574 million mobile social media users in China, up 15 million since this time last year, as well as the fact that there are now 659 million social media users more than the US and Europe combined.

Following are the five key points to consider with Marketing Chine when communicating with an audience of China.

    1. Big difference by personal approach: The expanding popularity of chat apps in China presents a new set of opportunities for marketers. There are many conversations that took place on these platforms and are more private in nature, taking place between individuals and small groups. Marketers will have to explore new approaches to social media and content marketing and make sure that the strategies they employ make it easy for audiences to find and consume content on one platform, and then share that content through chat apps.
    2. Strategy and brand building: For most of the companies in China, one of the key market entry barriers in China is low brand awareness in the local market. Customers of China placed a strong emphasis on brands that they have heard of, and those which are well rooted within the marketplace.
    3. Brand names: As per to the conventional marketing wisdom, the global brand consistency is essential, but the language of China presents some very specific branding issues. To create a favorable impression of your company and your brand in China it is necessary to have a name that Chinese consumers feel hard to forget.
    4. Geographical focus: Having almost similar size as Europe, with double the population, China should not be regarded as a single national market, but as a different region made up of over 30 different provinces and municipalities.

  • Daily communications: As soon as you make contact with a Chinese company, it is likely that your daily phone and email communications will be in English with one of the company`s English speaking members of staff.

With the help of these five step guides, you can establish your business in China. All you need is to move ahead and go for the strong and best experience in Marketing Chine.