Mobile shredding services in Houston

Owning a small to medium business, whether it is form home or a company building. Comes with a lot of paper work and forms. There is no getting around that. You may have a server with all relative information to your business. But, there will always be physical copies. So, what happens when you have a large number of files stacking up and are outdated. Simply, you have to get rid of them. Though it is a little more complicated then throwing them in the dumpster. Client and employee information can be found throughout these types of documents. Putting at risk those who have trusted your business with. Leaving you no choice, but to destroy them. That way they become unusable.

If your business is located in Houston, there are services that can help handle a large amount of document destruction. Companies like DSS(Data Shredding Services) have been helping local business, destroy documents for years. Providing secure and thorough destruction of all jobs. Having offsite facilities that are designed to virtually handle any size job.

Though if you are uneasy about having your documents being taken off site to be destroyed. DSS offers mobile shredding in Houston. Allowing you to observe and oversee the destruction personally. Though there are some draw backs on this process, if chosen. For example, each mobile shredder, can only handle work loads of about two thousand pounds. It also takes longer due to the limitation of the machinery, compared to the off-site facility. Now this does not mean that it is unable to get the job done. Each mobile shredder, is accompanied by qualified staff. Lastly, it does cost more. Having to pay for the fuel to power the equipment and to staff it as well. But, if absolute security is a must. This services is perfect for keeping peace of mind.

Though, security from the offsite location is properly handled as well. Adhering to a closed-loop policy. Keeping all of your documents in a secured container and transport directly to the warehouse. Where all shredded documents will be mixed with other company’s files, before being taken directly to the recycling facility. DSS are in full regulation compliance with federal, state and industry regulations.

Scheduling for mobile shredding is flexible and can work around your schedule. Though, again it is best for smaller to medium loads of file destruction, which should not exceed two thousand pounds.  You can even have schedule services, to constantly rid yourself of excess documents. Which provide lock boxes that will be changed out with every visit.

So, if you find yourself in the need of document destruction for your business. DSS have multiple services that can accommodate your requests. Whether that be a mobile shredder to personally observe or have files taken to an off-site facility to be destroyed. Whichever you decide, the one thing you can count on is that your documents will be secured.  You will even receive a document of destruction, for future filing.