Online Gaming Among Teenagers Across America

Since the popularity of online games is on the increase it would be interesting to know about who plays online most of the time and whether it affects the gamers social life in any way.

There are many researches being carried out on the kind of population who play online. It would seem that almost all the people regardless of age and gender play video games.

But online games are very prevalent among American teenagers. Nearly all the teenagers play games in one way or the other. The videogames are one of the most popular pastime among teenagers all over the world but more so in America. The online gaming cuts across gender, age, or socio economic status.

The opportunity for videogames playing is endless. There are various ways of playing online games and innumerable paying methods available. Among them is play station network card which allows easy access to a horde of videogames. You can buy psn card online easily. The teenagers make the most of cheap psn card.Image result for Online Gaming Among Teenagers Across America

To be able to play online games, teenagers use various devices which they own or their friends own. Game playing is frequent among teenagers, in fact a part of daily routine for most of them.

When they start playing a video game on any day, they may spend more than an hour playing it. It is assumed that at least half of teenagers in America spend at least an hour a day on average in video game play.

Almost all teenagers in the age range of 12 years to 17 years play video games on the computer or web, or consoles or mobile.

Many teenagers get addicted and spend hours on the game. The race, or ethnicity or socio economic status does not make any significant difference in the gaming pattern and time spent on games of teenagers.

Usually boys spend longer periods at online games than girls, and play more often than girls.

Teenagers, who live in homes where broadband connections are available, typically play online for longer hours than homes without broadband connection.

It is estimated that more than half of 14 years old teens spend time on video games daily on portable gaming device. The online games played by teenagers seem to be multiplayer games more often and usually played on internet connection where it is possible to connect with other players.

It was assumed that online game players are socially isolated individuals who like to spend time playing on their own. But according to studies carried out by online game producing companies, these avid players are very sociable and friendly individuals who are good at group activities, and communicating on social media like face book, cell phone, and messages, as well as online gaming.