Optimization of the images on the websites

There are several ways by which you can make your website attractive and optimized on the search engine. These days, many of the SEO experts are taking help of the images to popularize their website content. Images are able to attract the attention of the viewers very easily. Even those who have the time to read the whole content of the website will be able to get the real intent of the site just by   viewing the site images.  

Making your website attractive with images

The web articles with long paragraphs and no images make the viewers to feel as if they are about to read some book and this makes them least interested in reading the content.  If you having this kind of website which contains only content and no images then you can notice that traffic on you website will be quite low as compared to when you have used the same content in various formatting and included short paragraphs, bullet points wherever necessary and have used the image in the content.  Get the services of the SEO web design expert for effectively using the images on your website along with the content.

Related image

Important points for image optimization

Adding image to your website content helps in improving the SEO ranking of the website.  Thus, you shall ensure to optimize the images used on your website. Few things are needed to be kept in mind while image SEO:

  • Image should be small in size
  • Choose the related image. If possible find the image with related text
  • Give an appropriate file name to the image before uploading it on your website
  • Describe your image well in Alt  text so that the search engine can see it easily

With these useful points you will be able to make your images optimized for the search which automatically improve the SEO ranking of your website