When you stop to think about the amazing scenario surrounding the development of another “human being” in your belly, you’ve got to admit that pregnancy is an incredible journey. So many things happen during pregnancy which you simply can not afford to miss out on.

Thanks to technology, there is an app for almost anything these days and pregnancy is certainly not an exception. These apps are dynamic and will ensure that you create your personal pregnancy tracking system; whether daily, weekly or monthly. Check out our list of favorite pregnancy apps below.

  1. Totally Pregnant

This is probably the most important app you will find on this list. The first step you want to take after receiving the news that you are pregnant is to make new mom friends.

Here, you can join a community of moms-to-be and real moms alike who are ready to share personal tips and tricks including their valuable experiences.

Also, you can watch 3D videos of your growing baby anytime you tune into the video blogs that feature real women. Finally, you can take advantage of the magazine-style publication on the app and create a prenatal class right in the comfort of your home!


Available free on both Android and iOS platforms

  1. My Baby Beat App

This is absolutely the best app to have if you want to eavesdrop on your baby at your convenience. Download the app, place your mobile phone’s microphone on your bump and you can hear all the noise “Junior” is making in there anytime you want.

You no longer have to wait for the next doctor’s appointment before you hear your baby’s Heartbeat, with the “My Baby Beat app” you can listen right there in your living room.

In case you are not sure what your baby’s Heartbeat will sound like, the app has some ready-made sound samples which will give you an idea of what to listen for, you are sure not to miss the rhythmic sound your baby is itching to send to you.

Record all your baby’s heartbeat and replay them later for the listening pleasure of both you and your partner. A fetal doppler may allow you listen to your baby’s heartbeat but it certainly wouldn’t allow you record and replay the sound at your convenience.

My Baby Beat is available for download on iOS App store for $5, while android users can get the app for $2 only.

  1. Baby Pics

If you have a “thing” for sharing your pictures and experiences on social media, you will certainly love this app. It is a pregnancy photo app that helps you create a mix of pregnancy and baby photo with the liberty of adding lovely stickers. You can also include artworks to layers on your photos with the lovely addition of filters.

Both Android and iOS users can download this app from their respective stores for about $3.

  1. Baby Bump

This one is really popular among moms. It systematically tracks your pregnancy on a daily basis coupled with info and facts about your baby, logical illustrations, your expected symptoms, and health.

You can keep an updated appointment list and take lovely pictures; this is an all around pregnancy app available for free on major mobile platforms.

  1. “What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker”

This amazing app comes from the same source as the popular book series “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. With this app, you can track your baby’s activities hour-by-hour or day-by-day depending on the sequence that appeals to you the most.

You will find this absolutely useful as it provides an unusual emotional support during the hard and challenging periods of pregnancy. This special feature makes this app different from others you may meet.

Other exciting features contained in the app include; due date checker, community photo sharing, updates on your body changes, measurement of baby’s development in cute fruit sizes, tricks and tips for pregnancy with reasons to smile; a feature which provides a great emotional support.

What to expect pregnancy tracker app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

  1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

It is quite easy to get carried away with all that is happening in your belly and totally forget to keep track of what is going on simultaneously with YOU!!! The Ovia app makes sure you do not to lose focus on your wellness and health throughout the incredibly long 40 weeks of pregnancy.

All you have to do is get personalized info centered around your age, history, and BMI, then synchronize with your fitness app to get sleep data and import activity. You can keep track of your weight gain and nutrition using the app’s food log.

Also, set up personal reminders which make sure that you are notified when you are to take your prenatal vitamins.Check out major mobile stores for a free download.

  1. MommyMeds

What you eat and drink during your pregnancy will either have a positive or a negative effect on your baby’s development. Mommymeds app allows you to confirm the legitimacy and safety-of-use of over-the-counter drugs and other medications before usage.

You can do this by searching for the name or scanning the barcode of the medication using the app. It is based solely on the work of Thomas Hale, Ph.D. an expert on prescription meds application during nursing and pregnancy.

Also, information on meds is derived from an extensive database which includes information on thousands of meds.Mommymeds is free on iOS but only costs just $1 on Android play store.

  1. Baby Names

Your cute baby deserves an equally cute and relevant name. This app is loaded with over 30,000 different baby names which you can get access to by just giving a swipe on the app. Itemize names based on origin, gender, first initial and popularity and store them till you decide on the one to take.

Get ready for a treat as well because it will be very difficult for you to pick from the pool of names you are at liberty to choose from. Available free on both iOS and Android platforms.

Do not forget to take note of and download these fantastic apps to help you have a fun-filled and successful pregnancy period. Good luck!