ProDroneDeals Picked the Best 3 Drones You Can Buy for Under $200 (2017 Edition)

November 5, 2017

If you’re one of the many people hoping to get started in the extreme, fast -paced, and thrilling world of FPV droning, first thing’s first: you need to decide on your first aircraft! To read about which drone you should choose for your specific situation, you can also check out our drone buying 101 guide here.

The staff a ProDroneDeals are experts in assessing drone and quadcopter versatility, analyzing aspects like ease-of-use, HD drone camera quality, video drone capability, and aerial maneuverability. To help you save time drone shopping this holiday season, we narrowed it down to the best 3 drones you can buy for under $200!

We selected the very best of ProDroneDeals inventory – we looked for one-touch landing features, HD camera quality, and high-speed aerial maneuverability coupled with a wide enough RC distance to pilot the drone in large, open spaces. See our best 3 drone picks for 2017 below!

Drone #1: SY X33 Stunt Quadcopter

We selected The MUQGEW SY X33 Stunt Quadcopter because it is a fast-moving, versatile stunt drone, capable of extremely fast maneuvers, aerial tricks and stunts, and simple controls making it ideal for doing tricks and racing friends. This stunt drone was designed to be fast and highly capable in the air, which requires more advanced visual control features.

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This drone will definitely require a large outdoor area to be used for droning, and will make a great gift for either experienced or inexperienced pilots who want to do aerial stunts! The SY X33 Stunt Quadcopter is an affordable entry into stunt droning, and features an axis gyro stabilizer, HD camera for FPV control, and USB charging. It charges in just 30 minutes, has 10 minutes of action time per-battery charge (multiple batteries can be used) and a wide 100m RC distance.

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Drone #2: JJRC H37 ELFE

Next, we selected JJRC H37 ELFE quadcopter because it has the unique benefit of being super easy-to-use (iPhone app Piloting!!) and overall just an extremely fun drone! With social photography and easy hover-in-place controls, the ELFE is perfect for hanging out with friends and taking extreme photographs.

The ELFE quadcopter is designed to be fast moving and easy to control, while featuring stunning HD camera views! It features iPhone App drone piloting controls, and HD camera, USB charging capabilities, and is perfect for either beginners or intermediate pilots. One disadvantage: this drone has a more limited RC distance of just 40m, so plan to use the drone socially or within closer distances. It is also less ideal for performing high-speed stunts and races, and is more ideal for aerial photography.

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Drone #3: JJRC H40WH Quadcopter

Last but not least, our staff picked the JJRC H40WH Quadcopter as our third best deal because it is a perfect entry-level drone for pilots looking to perform aerial stunts at high speeds, while maintaining a high degree of control using intuitive piloting controls. This quadcopter was built to be fast moving while keeping the user in mind.

This quadcopter is ideal for piloting around natural objects and barriers at it is highly durable in a crash, and will make a great gift for either experienced or inexperienced pilots who want to show their piloting skills and get an affordable entry into the extreme world of droning! It features 6-axel gyro stabilization, an intuitive return feature, USB charging, and a nice 100m RC range for outdoor use.

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ProDroneDeals is a high-quality online marketplace for drone enthusiasts looking for an affordable drone, quadcopter, or video drone. Our selection of drones is hand-picked to feature incredible deals, and we specifically seek out highly-versatile aircraft which will endure flight after flight! Visit to view our entire selection of discount drones and quadcopters.

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