QacQoc GN28K USB C Hub for MacBook Pro-all you need to know

The QacQoc GN28K is a USB hub (type C hub) designed for use with the MacBook Pro. It fulfils the two most crucial functions that a user can need from a USB hub, which is to offer a wide variety of possible connections (through different types of connection) as well as a fast load capacity for any device Connected by the adaptor. This specific model also allows the user an extremely fast data transmission speed, as it is equipped with the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology for charging devices.

Product Design and properties:

* is an aluminum-built multiple port adapter for MacBook Pro 2016/2017, 13 or 15 inches. Specifically adapted for these models, to maximize their ergonomics.

* It has a Thunderbolt 3 port with a maximum capacity of up to 40 gigabytes per second, for a super fast load of any device compatible with USB PD (or Power delivery).

* USB C Connector for data transfer between MacBook and mobile, hard disk or CD player, with capacity up to 5 gigabytes per second.

* One SD reader or Micro cards, with support for SD, SDHC, SDXC and SD 3.0 USH-1, with speed of 104 megabytes per second. Ideal for viewing or editing pictures taken with a mobile device, saving files to the hard disk, or printing documents.

* It also has HDMI or 4 K HDMI output port at 30 Hz, allowing you to immediately reflect your notebook’s display on any HDMI-connected device, such as a TV or external monitor.

* Two USB 3.0 ports for high-speed data transmission, reaching a maximum of 5 gigabytes per second, enough to be able to transmit a full HD movie, in real time.

* Second USB port Type C, specially designed for power delivery, as a complement to the other type C input, which is for data delivery.


* It is a very light adapter in its construction, and very compact because of its small size. Its exterior made of high quality polished aluminum ensures that the device will never overheat during use. Highly manageable and easy to carry anywhere.

* The company offers a guarantee for 12 months for the product, as well as an excellent and always available customer service, for any problem or to solve all your doubts.

* Being specially designed for use with the 13 or 15 inch MacBook Pro models (2016 and 2017), it is a very light and easy to use adapter for any user of these very popular models today.

* Since it has the widest variety of connection ports (2 USB Type C, one SD/Micro card reader, two USB 3.0 and one HDMI output), you can be sure that any need will be more than satisfied with this connectivity solution. You no longer need to worry about having the port needed, or not having enough capacity to load your devices wherever and whenever you want.

* Your Thunderbolt 3 connection makes it especially efficient when it comes to extremely fast loading of your devices, and both USB 3.0 ports have enough transmission speed for any real time task, including high-quality video Definition.


* Note that the QacQok USB Hub is capable of providing power and transmitting data simultaneously, but can only load devices with the USB PD protocol (power delivery), which allows a faster and more efficient load, but the adapter is not Compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 type charging devices. This is important to keep it in mind. However, this can be solved very easily by a Quick charge 3. Or economic charger to cover that need. You can find this type of charger (slower than the Power delivery) for desktop, for wall or even for your car. The Power delivery protocol is rapidly consolidating as the new international standard for charging devices, and that’s where the QacQok shines for its efficiency.


In short, the QacQok GN28K USB Hub is a multiple port USB connector that will definitely be able to solve all the needs you may have, as far as connecting external devices with your MacBook Pro 2016 or 2017, 13 or 15 inches. There is no doubt: the critics of the users agree that this adapter is an indispensable product for any user of these models of laptop, and given its wide functionality and ease of use, without any type of programming or Necessary configuration, it is in effect an excellent product that every user of MacBook Pro should have close at all times.