Quality vs. Cost: How to Find a Freelancer Who’s Just Right

When you are running a small business, you have to wear many different hats, so to speak, and whenever you can, you opt for a DIY approach, especially if you want to save some money. But sometimes, there are cases where you cannot stretch yourself anymore, and where outsourcing a portion of your work to freelancer is a smart way to go.

Many entrepreneurs have already realized the benefits of hiring freelancers over hiring full-time employees for certain projects. Not only have they gotten their projects done at a lower price, but they have also eliminated all distractions and extra costs that are associated with having an employee right there in the office.

But, how can you find a freelancer who is just right? To help you out with this, we have prepared several tips to find, evaluate and hire the best one for your needs.

Where to Find One?

If you are concerned about the cost and you want to stretch your dollars, there are many websites and places to find a freelancer, like Upwork.com and Freelancer.com, where businesses and freelancers can connect and work together. These websites may seem like an obvious place to look, but if no one in your network has a recommendation for you, freelance marketplaces are a good place to start.

You can see the reviews from their previous clients and find out more information about them. They also usually provide links to their websites and online portfolios for further reference.

What Exactly To Look For?

The process of hiring a freelancer is not exactly the same as hiring a regular employee. The expectations are different and you do not have to go through an extensive interview process for the freelancer when you are hiring them for a specific project. So, working hours, geography, language skills and so on, are not as important as they would be for a regular employee. The thing that matters the most is communication, because freelancers need to be responsive.

So, to get an idea about both their work and communication style, it is recommended to ask a few preliminary questions. For example, explain the project and ask them if they have worked on anything similar, how they will approach the project if they are hired and how they keep their clients updated when a project is in progress. The thing you need to make sure is that the freelancer needs to have a basic understanding of cyber security so that any sensitive data will remain safe.

What Is It Like To Work With One?

If you have worked with remote employees, working with a freelancer will not be a problem for you. The thing you need to keep in mind is that a freelancer is not always going to be “on the clock” and always available during working hours, like a regular employee would. It is very important to get all the terms and conditions down in writing, so that everyone will have an understanding of what is expected from them. The contract needs to cover everything from the timeline and schedule to the pay rate, and make sure that the guidelines are clear, especially when it comes to money.

These were our simple guidelines for finding a freelancer who is just right for your business. If cost is what is important for you, look them up on freelancing platforms or, if you are aiming for quality, outsource your business to professionals who have the experience to get the work done. In the end, it all depends on you and your needs.