R4 3DS 2017 Review And Where To Buy The R4 Card From Reliable Reseller?

If you want to check the latest 2017 R4 3DS Review, here it is. And in this post, I will also share you the reliable reseller to buy R4 card in Italy and Europe.

R4 3DS 2017 Review

In this review, we talk about the best R4 reseller-R4I 3DS RTS SDHC.

R4i 3ds rts sdhc Package

It has a Red box, in the small box, you can find one r4i sdhc 3ds rts card and one usb card reader.

R4i 3ds rts Firmware

In its official site, it has the latest firmware version v1.84b. You can choose to download with multiple language options. The r4i 3ds v1.8b supports 3ds 11.3.0-36 and dsi v1.4.5. Of course, it can also work on the lower system version consoles. You can find and download it in r4i-sdhc.com.

R4i 3ds rts functions

It supports Nintendo ds games on the 3ds, 3ds xl, 2ds, new 3ds, new 3ds xl and old ds consoles. In the same time, it can run homebrew apps, emulators, games, support region free, real-time save, real-time guide, user-cheats and play Multi-media files on our machines. Use r4i 3ds rts card on your console, no worry for ban, for brick or anything else. It has not been patched by Nintendo for many years. R4i 3ds rts card can play magic on your device with 100% safe using.

R4i 3ds rts DS Game Compatibility

Supports Most of DS games you download from online or your own ds game backups, so don’t worry, even you want to play Thousands of Hundreds different games with this R4i 3ds card, it is ok, but please remember that R4 card even the 2017 version can not play 3DS Games like the Sky3ds+.

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R4i 3ds rts and 3ds emulators

R4i 3ds rts is compatible with GBA/GBC/GB/SNES/NES and other emulators to play the old classic games. But it does not support 3ds emulators.

R4i sdhc rts 3ds Price

18,00€ for the best R4 3ds card. One payment make you play 1000+ ds games.


Pros Cons
Cheap card to buy for playing free ds games.

It has many functions which makes it a magic card for your console.

Bring you convenience and save your time with using R4 card on 3DS.

Does not play 3DS Games.

The GBA and SNES emulator is not good.

Where to buy R4 3DS from reliable reseller in Italy?

Sky3dsitalia.com is one of your reliable sites to buy(comprare) R4 card in Italy. Why? Here to check the reasons.

  1. Sky3dsitalia.com, support Paypal as payment, you can pay via paypal just by sending email to the admin@sky3dsitalia.com.
  2. Sky3dsitalia site sells R4 and 3ds flashcard only from the official manufacturer, if you receive the not working or fake item, they promise to refund fully or resend a new one.
  3. Sky3dsitalia site supports Free Shipping, EU local shipment and Global DHL. Recommend the later 2 ones, choose them, you can get the flashcards in Italy with short time.
  4. Sky3dsitalia site offer the free and lifetime game code for customers to download Thousands of DS/3DS/other games in Rom2station.com.
  5. Sky3dsitalia site has official blog to teach you how to setup your R4 or 3DS card on the gaming console. If you have problems, just e-mail to them.