Read How to Turn your Simple Blog into a Must Read Blog!

Have you ever thought what it takes a blog to become a must read blog? It always surprises me when I see businesses diving into blogging just for the sake of traffic. They get nothing in return but frustration. And, as a result they abandon their so called ‘blog’.

But when you do it right, it becomes a must-read blog! Now, here comes the question, ‘how to do it right way, if not my way’?

So, here are the tips you have been waiting for-

Always think of your target audience

The foremost rule that comes into play is writing for your target audience. Share the content that is relevant for them. Make it interesting and valuable based on their demographics. Try to provide an answer to their question, and there you are, attracting eyeballs! Don’t just write, but communicate with your audience.

Keep your headline crispy and to the point

A headline is what catches the eyes first. It should be clickable not ignorable. For garnering enough attention, the title has to be crispy and to the point. But do not mistake it with keeping your headline catchy and content mundane.

Both should go in equal proportion.

Steer clear of jargon

Do not use a sales pitch or load your content with fancy words and jargons. Write your blog in a professionally and friendly tone conversing with the readers. Users may not know heavy words or industry jargons, even if they do, who would like to read such a heavily decorated content? Use hard words and see your bounce rate going higher, higher, and higher!

Go with the trend

Don’t be repetitive, instead find fresh topics, in fact, trending topics! Add your unique viewpoint to it and make it a useful content for the end users. Keeping an eye on the trending topics and including it in your blog will help retain your readers.

Take help from Google, Twitter and Facebook to find topics that are going viral.

Don’t just stick to the content only, work on the graphic part as well. A picture is worth a thousand words; follow this adage to turn your blog into a must read blog!