Roles & Responsibilities of a Successful Scrum Master

A Scrum Master acts as the main guardian of the Scrum Team by coaching the stakeholders in order to achieve successful deliverables. He/she must see to it that every team member gets all the tools they need to deliver on the project. It is the responsibility of the Scrum Master to ensure the scrum ceremonies run smoothly, and that the backlog is executed as to the wish and expectation of the Product Owner.

One of the important qualities of a Scrum Master is good communication skills. He/she must be able to solve conflicts, explains the goals of the project and make important decisions in technical matters. Below is a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master in Agile methodology.

Managing the scrum process
Once the Product Owner has come up with the goal of the project, it is the duty of the Scrum Master to ensure that this goal is achieved through the scrum process. He has to coordinate the entire scrum team so that everyone understands their role in the project.

Arranging and facilitating meetings
A Scrum Master is tasked with setting meetings, ensuring that they are well facilitated and that they run according to plan. He must also provide proper inspection during the meetings to ensure there is informed decision-making and that there are no delays. Since other discussions might arise, it is the responsibility of the Scrum Master to control the discussion by ensuring the members stick to the main agenda.

Assist the Product Owner in making product backlogs
Besides assisting the stakeholders, the Scrum Master also offers advisory to the Product Owner in many ways. One of the main instances is when creating product backlogs. The Scrum Master needs to offer assistance by readying backlogs to ensure they are in the right shape for the next sprint.

Bridging the gap between the Product Owner and the team members
A Scrum Master breaks acts as a link between the Product Owner and teams members. He has to establish a good relationship between the two parties by ensuring that the objectives of the Product Owner are understood and that the grievances and opinions of stakeholders are aired. Creating this relationship makes things easier for the entire team to work towards a common objective.

Shielding the team from distractions and interruptions
The entire team needs facilitation and guidance from the Scrum Master to concentrate on the project. If there is anything that is distracting the members from achieving the desired goals, it is the responsibility of the Scrum Master to ensure that all these issues are sorted. Team members must be provided with the best environment to be able to perform effectively.

A Scrum master needs to have the right skills and desire to achieve by working well with the Product Owner and team members. This job requires dedication, skills and the ability to make vital decisions when need be. Backlog grooming for Scrum Masters will have a great effect on what the agile team achieves in the long run.