Self-Publishing A Book with Assistance

You can self-publish a book by designing and editing it on your own. Then locate a book printer and distributor, and figure out how to market the book on your own as well. Some people in the publishing industry call this “true” self-publishing, which is really DIY publishing. This is fine for some authors but many understand and see the benefits of working with a professional publishing team instead….

You see, if you are not a designer you really shouldn’t design your book. And even if you are an editor, it’s difficult to look at your own work objectively, so it makes sense to hire an editor. Many authors hire a company like Mindstir Media to handle those items as well as the printing and distribution. Mindstir Media can also assist with book marketing such as social media marketing and author website design. I personally have no idea why any author would want to do everything on his own. It doesn’t make sense to wear all those hats if you don’t have to.

There’s also the obvious benefit of piggybacking on an already established self-publishing company brand like Mindstir Media. Instead of starting a company from scratch, which is oftentimes an insanely uphill battle, you can work with Mindstir’s built in processes and tools to save time in the long run. In other words, leverage Mindstir’s brand to make your book a success. Mindstir can represent you and your book in the marketplace. Think of how much more professional it looks to have a well-known company contact media contacts on your behalf instead of your contacting the media directly. It can also be considerably easier to get professional book reviews if you have an established book publisher as the publisher of record. Mindstir Media also has a huge and targeted social media audience on Facebook and Twitter, reaching over 71,000 fans and followers. It would take you years and thousands of dollars to build such a targeted following. Instead, if you publish with Mindstir your book will be posted to over 71,000 people on its social accounts.

As you can see, it makes sense to self-publish with the assistance of a self-publishing firm. Generally speaking, you’ll have a top-notch book product this way and can also reach a wider audience… and more quickly.