Should Prince2 Training Be A Prerequisite for Project Managers?

Prince2 is a unique technique that project managers use to handle issues as they go. It’s a perfect way to make every manager sure that what they are doing is right. When they are not confident of what they should be doing, this method helps them out. Learn more about it on this link.

Based on this, many employers ask their project managers to take a course and learn everything there is about Prince2. They ask for the information learned there to be implemented in the workplace. But, are they right? Should this method be mandatory for every project manager?

What is Prince2?

This stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. It is a method and a practitioner program. It helps project managers reach the right decisions at the right time. It helps in creating the best working environment, making sure everyone’s doing their job, and finally make sure the risk assessment and risk management are in line with the requirements. 

What are the benefits of it?

There are more benefits coming from choosing to work with it. Here are a few of them: 


When you ask anyone who had the chance to use it, you’ll hear that flexibility is one of the top benefits coming from using Prince2. But what does flexibility mean here?

It means that you can use its methods in all segments, industries, and various projects. Unlike other techniques that are made exclusively for particular industries and fields, this one can be used almost anywhere. It is applicable in every segment, and it doesn’t matter if you’re working on IT or marketing projects. 

Common language

A project is just like a company – it has various sectors, and none of these people truly understand what the other does. However, using the Prince2 method, everyone inside the project speaks the same language. See more about this problem on the link:

Following the draft and the suggestions inside are going to make everyone’s job easier. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for training every employee to learn about the other people’s jobs within the project, this comes as a much better solution. 


Even though the method will make everyone communicate easily, it is still asking everyone involved to do their job, and their job only. The precision is crucial as everyone must be dedicated to what they do best. 

With Prince2, people involved will know exactly what they need to do, how they need to do it, and what their deadline is. If everyone follows the procedure precisely, success is inevitable. 

Risk management

Every business must be aware of its risks. There’s no project without the risk calculation at the end. It’s important to be aware of this fact rather than hoping for the best. With the risk management this method offers, everyone will know what the chance for it is, and if it happens, will know how to handle the issue. 

There is a strict methodology for risk assessment. It provides the team with the required information, which will give them time to get ready for the worse. If something like this happens, everyone will know what needs to be done to avoid the costly outcome. Failure is normal, and everyone should have a back-up plan.

Conclusion – Should Prince2 be a prerequisite for project managers?

Having all the information in mind, one would say – of course. The managers, on the other hand, who have been working for years using their individual tactics might be opposing this.

However, it’s crucial to know that it’s valuable to have a uniform method that will keep everything under control. If the companies and projects are led by a single grain method, then everyone can adapt to it without the need to learn about individual managers’ styles.

Of course, this might not be the best news for managers around the world, but still, if we’re thinking about the most efficient method, then adapting Prince2 is the best thing we can do for it and the business.

The final decision would be – yes, Prince2 is a great project management method, and everyone should have knowledge in it if they want to be a part of the business.