Should You Keep a Check on Your Teen’s Location?

Teenagehood is a whole lot of different experiences for kids. When they step into the adolescent period, they tend to withdraw from their parents because they feel like they can do everything on their own. They strive for freedom and autonomy; it is natural for teens to feel that way. They want to learn, experience and explore everything by themselves.

However, parents may not like when teens demand too much autonomy in every aspect. Being parents, it is their utmost desire to protect their teens from all bad things. They want to know what’s going on in their teens’ lives and what they are up to. They want to know who they meet and what places they visit.

For that purpose, many parents want to keep a check on their teen’s activity. Questions like “how to track someone’s phone” or “how to track my kid’s location?” keep circling in their minds. While they are eager to track their teens, teens may not like the idea of their parents keeping a check on them. They usually get annoyed by this intrusiveness.

Now, this is what leads to the never-ending debate about keeping track of your teen. Every parent desire to monitor their teens to keep them safe from dangerous situations but at the same time, they do not want to invade their privacy. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t track their teens.

You cannot trust your teens blindly because both offline and online words are laden with harmful dangers. That why is when it comes to tracking your teen’s activities and whereabouts, you must not have second thoughts and remain firm on your decision of tracking them.

What Are the Different Types of Tracking?

As soon as you have made up your mind to track your teen’s online activities and location, you would start looking for different types of tracking or different types of monitoring software.

First of all, it is important to know that there are different methods of tracking. If you are interested in keeping track of your teen’s whereabouts and location, then you need to choose a location tracking app. Location tracking apps are infused with GPS technology that helps you locate your teen’s exact whereabouts and find out where your teen is at any given time.

The majority of smartphones have tracking apps already installed on them and they help parents see their teen’s current location. According to a Pew Research study, around 16% of parents have agreed to use location tracking apps to view their kid’s location.

The other type of tracking method is internet tracking. It is also commonly known as internet monitoring as it helps parents monitor all the sites your kid is visiting and all the apps they are using to connect and communicate with the rest of the world. Internet monitoring is more accepted among parents than location tracking. Almost 40% of parents have reported monitoring their kid’s online activities.

Several monitoring apps are available in the market that let you monitor your teen’s online and smartphone activities. You can monitor your teen’s phone calls, text messages, instant messages, internet browsing, and much more.

If you only want to keep a check on your teen’s WhatsApp messages, a good and reliable WhatsApp spy Android or iPhone app would suffice.

Should You Track Your Teen’s Location?

Should you track your teen’s location? Yes, of course! Your decision to monitor your teen’s whereabouts is based on your teen’s past behavior and circumstances. For example, if a teen has never been involved in criminal activity or has not exhibited any risky behavior then it may not be necessary to keep a check on their location and ruin the trust in your relationship with them. Your teen can easily think that you are trying to spy or snoop on their whereabouts.

On the other hand, if your teen has demonstrated risky behavior or has been involved in illegal activity, then you should consider using a location tracking app to track your teen’s whereabouts. That way you can know which places they are visiting, who they are meeting with, and how long they are staying at a particular place.

As far as online monitoring is concerned, every parent should monitor their teens’ digital activities. The internet is laden with several dangers that can be menacing to your teen’s mental health and overall being. Dangers like cyberbullying, online predating, sexting, pornography, hacking, etc. can lead your teens to severe health disorders including depression and anxiety. Social media obsession and addiction may even make teens have suicidal thoughts.

That is why it is advisable for parents to not hand over smartphones to their teens when they are not ready or provide them unlimited access to the internet. On the other hand, even if parents hand over mobile phones and provide them with internet access, they should install a reliable and professional monitoring app on their devices and keep a check on their digital actions.

Mobistealth is the best monitoring app that can help you stay updated on your teen’s online activities as well as their location. The GPS technology in this app helps you know where your teen is at a given time. Apart from that, you can block and filter inappropriate sites and apps on your teen’s smartphone to keep them away from harmful content. At the same time, you can keep your teens away from online hackers, predators, and bullies by regularly tracking their instant messages, texts, and emails.

Get Involved in Your Teen’s Life

Whether you decide to monitor your teen’s location and digital activities, you must have regular discussions with them. Having heart-to-heart conversations with them and getting yourself involved in their life can help you develop a good relationship with them.

That way, they can trust you better and confide in you apart from their friends and peers. Make your teens know that you are with them no matter what happens. When your teens know that you are standing by their side and supporting them through thick and thin, they would share everything about their lives with you.

Last but not least, educate your teens about online safety, internet dangers, and why you need to monitor their online actions. Your teens should know why you’re using a monitoring app in the first place so that they do not become upset with you. They should know a monitoring app has been installed on their cellphone to protect them from harmful online dangers and not to invade their online privacy.