Smart Calendar Thync – Features, Benefits, And Purpose

Family and work are the two pivotal life pillars that require time and management both. Paper calendars and reminder apps are not sufficient to streamline all the family events and work commitments. What you need is a device that can synchronize the information of important events from accounts like Gmail and Outlook to deal with the issue of time mis-management. And the best solution to this problem is the latest digital calendar, Smart Calendar Thync by Vitec GbmH.

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What Is Smart Calendar Thync?

It is a technological advanced display that’s an up gradation to paper calendars. It’s different from normal digital reminding gadgets and paper calendars since it is a 6 in 1 device. Other than its primary purpose of being a calendar, it can also be used in the following 5 ways.

  1. Smart Calendar Thync is a cinema planner that will always keep you updated with the latest movie releases from the genres that you prefer the most
  2. The Smart Calendar Thync is an ideal replacement for normal photo frames. You can upload any picture of your liking on this digital calendar to keep the memories of your special ones alive
  3. You can use Smart Calendar Thync to catch up with breaking news at anytime from anywhere
  4. It can be used to get updates on soccer matches that you otherwise cannot due to a busy schedule
  5. Smart Calendar Thync can also be used as a digital weather forecasting device

Benefits And Features Of Thync Digital Calendar

The following features make Smart Calendar Thync worthy of your time and money.

  • It has a large and impressive TFT-made 10.1-inch display screen
  • It uses a cloud that allows global communication
  • The display screen exhibits 1024×600 high resolution; therefore, the screen is ultra-clear and the pictures are bright
  • Despite equipped with buttons, it has a special gesture control feature
  • It is a convenient remoteless device with a durable Li-ion battery for a stunning performance

Also, remember,

  • Vitec GmbH will provide real time updates and most of the updates will be provided for free
  • If the internet connectivity is suddenly lost, Smart Calendar Thync stores all the data that is made available as soon as the connection gets online

To conclude, Smart Calendar Thync will soon be launched on Kickstarter on 7th April 2019. So, hurry and subscribe to the newsletter to earn a 30% discount.