Social Marketing Engagement Levels the Playing Field for the Small Business

There has never been a better time to start your own business. Now is truly the age of the business entrepreneur. No industry or product line is impenetrable to a new company. The days of the permanent economic and industrial dominance by large companies are over. As a start-up CEO, you do not need big marketing budgets and large armies of salespeople. You are no longer required to enlist newspapers, television stations, and radio broadcasts for the purpose of advertising. The social media revolution has changed everything. It has made the public sphere, including the realm of promotion, publicity, marketing, and customer relationship management, democratic. These functions have been leveled; they are no longer in the exclusive grasp of a few billion-dollar corporations.

social marketing is the key to unlocking your potential to grow, expand, and succeed as a new business. However, it is necessary to take specific actions and develop particular strategies that will actually help you meet your aim.

One of the worst errors you can make as a startup executive is to believe that merely getting yourself on social media sites and gathering a lot of followers will lead to increased sales and profitability. That is not how it works. To get results you must engage people in a particular way on social media.

The first thing you must do is discern your target market. Your product will appeal to certain people more than others. You may have the money to do market research to help you target your audience. But you might be able to gather the same data through your social media feeds. Posting images and descriptions of your products and messages designed to solicit opinions and feedback from your followers is a good way of seeing how people respond to what you have to offer. They may also share the general needs and concerns that your product helps them solve. People with such issues can, for your purposes, form a community of potential customers.

People plan ahead for the major holidays, and so should you. If you are offering special deals for Christmas and New Year’s, you should make it known on the social media sites you are on. Speak with your creative team and try to come up with posts that will grab people’s attention. Make sure you do all of this well in advance of the holidays. Offering birthday, anniversary, and graduation specials is also a good idea, and will really appeal to the people who use social media.

You should also get involved in a community and charitable events. It is now expected for companies of all sizes to give a significant portion of their time, money, and other resources to humane causes. Do not be shy about sharing this with your potential customers. Post any pictures or videos taken during the event on social media sites. You might also want to share the stories of individual members of your team involved in community or social activism.

More and more people are joining social media sites. This is the best place to find the market you are after.
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