Submitting the messages with the Crypto Speech

Ethereum is basically an open source and has the capability to execute scripts with the help of any international network of public nodes. Like other leading websites which stores the data with the central server of its system, the Crypto Speech depends upon the Ethereum Block chain which helps in storing and retrieving the data. In simple language, it means that the messages which were sent or received are stored among the thousand nodes of the Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM.

In the case, if the website goes in the offline mode, one can restore and retrieve the messages including all the records of transactions. They will remain in the system as long as the Ethereum exists. Here, the user is unable to delete or erase the data, even if user wants to erase it completely.

How can we use Crypto Speech?

If the user wants to use these services, the browser needs configuration to interact with the decentralized app i.e. dApps. For easy working, you can rely on the MetaMask plug-in for the Chrome as it is the simplest of them all. This type of plugin helps in easy viewing of the messages, but if the user wants to post any kind of message one need to get Ether. This helps to pay the nodes while EVM processes the transactions and mining. With the help of limitless exchanges, you will be able to deposit the money and even purchase Ethereum. The time you get a MetaMask and Ether in your account, you can post the messages over here.

While using the MetaMask you can post the message and by simply clicking on the Submit button, you will be able to see a popup with the transaction window on the screen. It will only take few seconds to process the message. In the case of not using the Ethereum to post the messages, one can also post the message with the Crypto Speech using the ropsten network. It’s very easy to get the ropsten test network, you just need to select it in MetaMask while you go for the Crypto Speech and just load the trial version of it.