Temok Dedicated Servers –Honest Review

Temok is a website that provides hosting services for your online business or a new website. Temok, has earned a top rank owing to its high quality services and customer satisfaction. Temok provides a wide range of web hosting services including domain registration, web designing, app development etc. Of course, the most important service that we’re going to discuss about, in this article is hosting service. Temok provides for shared hosting, reseller hosting and also dedicated servers. Temok’s data centres are spread across Europe and it has complete control over its resources such as hardware.

Temok’s dedicated servers

Dedicated hosting service is very different from shared hosting or reseller hosting. Under dedicated web hosting, the client gets the advantage of having the entire server to himself. He does not have to share the server with any other person. Under dedicated hosting, you will get to put forth your own specifications related to disc space, type of hardware, operating system, design etc. It comes off as quite flexible.

Only a single customer, be it an individual or an organization, gets all the rights on his respective dedicated server. He would get all the rights to decide the server’s bandwidth, storage space, memory and RAM etc. The specialty of dedicated servers is that these servers do not get affected by traffic. You would face this issue sometimes if you use a shared hosting or reseller hosting. As the entire server is just for you, you won’t be facing any traffic. When you purchase a dedicated server, you are leasing the server box. It is designed as per your wish. However, one thing to be noted is that it will not be shifted. It will remain in the data center. You also get your personal IP address and full control.

  • Temok assures no lagging behind! As you would not face any traffic, a whole excellent dedicated hosting service experience is ensured.
  • It provides dedicated servers across a lot of countries like USA, Netherlands, Russia, France, Italy and Canada.
  • As mentioned before, Temok’s dedicated servers are highly flexible and security tools handle all the small hitches and obstacles that come in the way.
  • The reason it has been ranked above the other hosting providers is that it guarantees 100% uptime and round the clock support.
  • Temok’s dedicated servers offer larger control and also great stability and performance. Temok has a private range of ‘bare-metal’ server hardware. It works just fine with Microsoft, Linux. It also meets a number of needs right from websites to private clouds.
  • Temok is appreciated to a large extent for its quality, dedication and consistency.

Temok comprises of fully managed dedicated servers. Its amazing team of support staff deserve a mention for their commendable work. The support staffs help you out round the clock, through email, phone, live chat etc. These people answer any query that you have related to sales or they even help you out if you want to consult them before buying a dedicated server, perhaps. It also consists of free reboots and OS reinstallation. Up to 99.9% uptime and full root access is guaranteed. The Intel processors are quite powerful. Custom dedicated server hosting is mainly available in abundance in USA, Netherlands and Russia. In other countries, its demand is booming.

Dedicated Reseller Program:

Temok also provides a magnificent dedicated reseller program. You can use this program to sell more. And if you sell more, you ultimately end up saving more. You can sign up for absolutely free, then you upgrade further, you’ll be able to find additional IPs and hard drives. Some of the benefits of Dedicated reseller program include free IPMI, extended cancellation period, 100% network uptime, free network and hardware support, innovate control panel etc.

Temok offers instant support, quality and also good service at a nominal price. Moreover, it also offers amazing “special deals” that can be used by clients every week! Some great offers are coming your way. Check them out.


A number of reasons stand high as to why Temok is termed as one of the best web hosting services. Temok includes other functions such as Web designing, domain registrations, internet marketing, App marketing etc. Moreover, Temok has existed for almost a decade now, with a work experience of over 8000 clients. The number speaks for itself. Its fully managed dedicated server plans have been designed ideally. Security of data is also enabled through tools like proxies, VPN and SSL products.

It’s quite simple to be in touch with Temok as it has a responsive and active support team and other details are mentioned in the website itself! It’s service spreads across over 40 countries. To check out the website and for more information about Temok’s dedicated servers, click here.