Text is boring – How visual content can appeal to a larger range of target audience

They say a picture is worth thousand words but as long as your ultimate goal is to capture the attention of your audience, wouldn’t you want to leave no stone unturned about communicating your intended message? Lengthy explanation providing unnecessary details have now become a less effective marketing strategy due to short spans of attention. So, how are you supposed to retain the interest of your site onlookers? What should you do in order to garner their attention?

Show them and don’t tell them! Leverage some of the most relevant and useful imagery and visuals to stimulate engagement and also spark social media attention. According to Spiel Productions, adding visual content is a must when it comes to sprucing up your marketing communications and strategies. Here are some reasons why you should invest in it.

Visual content and their significance

Suppose a message is given in public but unfortunately no one remembers that the message ever existed. Then did it actually happen? If a message isn’t retained by the audience, it clearly implies that communication never happened. Nowadays with loads of information on the internet, it is easy for information to get ignored or rather lost if it is not offered to the audience in a digestible format. However when you integrate visual content within your marketing strategy, you can increase the level of information that your target audience absorbs. Research reveals that our brains doesn’t only process visual images faster but they even retain more information when it is offered visually.

Multiply audience engagement with visuals and be a witness to the results

Besides helping you in communicating a particular message which is remembered, perfect visuals also play the role of a catalyst with regards to increasing your engagement. As per a beginner’s guide to Stunning Visual Content Marketing, it has been seen that the business Facebook pages which post status updates including videos and photos generate 180% more audience engagement. Hence, visual components actually increase your social media followers.

Be truly social in your social media activities

Make sure you share the best graphics from other companies and business webpages which seem to be relevant with yours. When you find your audience sharing and responding to your content, engage with them very soon and do it as promptly as is possible. Be sure of having an active YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ account. All those who reach out to their target audience through emails can still continue with image optimization for the market which is increasingly adapting to mobile marketing. At the end of the day, you need to take advantage of every single chance that you get to capture the attention of your audience through impressive visuals.

With that said, always be proactive about having fun with your visuals. Remember that those visuals which personalize your content are the highest-impact ones. Hence, make sure your visual content is perfectly coordinated with the main recurring theme of your business.