The Best Way to Ensure Safe Mobile Payments for Your Small Business

Succeeding with a small business is often a series of small steps, taken carefully. But sometimes it can also mean looking ahead to plan for success. One of the big leaps in the last few years that have brought about a level playing field for more small business owners is the development of online payment processing systems that are quick and easy to install.

This makes it easier than ever for small businesses. They now have the ability to take payments from everything from desktop computers at client offices to smartphones that customers use to shop on their way home from work.

But while these options have made it easier than ever for a small-scale business to offer everything that a larger competitor can, it also leaves them open to fraud and other criminal elements. You can ensure that your online payment system is safe for your customers by practicing safe selling. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you develop that online shopping platform for your potential customers.

What Application to Use

It all starts with the decision to use an application that allows your website visitors to buy from you directly. While there are many perfectly good apps out there you can upload for your website, it is important that you review the application first. This is because while it may be a perfectly legitimate application, if it has not yet ironed out its bugs so that it works correctly, you are going to have frustrated customers whose shopping doesn’t get completed.

In addition, make sure that when you do purchase or download an application that allows your customers to make mobile payments or buy through a shopping portal that it is from a reputable source. Both Google and Apple have app stores where you can cruise around looking at various applications and then download the one you need. Buying through a trusted source such as these, you can be sure this is no fly by night operation or worse yet one designed to steal credit card numbers from your clients.

Ensuring Your Site is Safe

If you plan to make shopping an option on your site, then the very firs thing you will need to do is make sure that the site is encrypted for security. When you set this up on your site it will display the padlock symbol to show that your site has been set up using secure software. This will tell your clients and customers that they can have peace of mind because the payments being made are safe from fraud.

If you are unsure how to do this, you can go to sites such as PayPal which specializes in helping small businesses have ways to create safe payment portals. They will show you the protocols to use that allow you to encrypt payment information and have it stay within a safe circle of servers.

Pay Attention to Bank Statements

In the end, you may not be able to stop all fraud on your site. But if you read your bank statements regularly you can know quickly when it has happened to put a stop to it. Since the statements are always available to you online, it is a good idea to check weekly if not daily to ensure that all payments going through are processed correctly.