The Definitive Guide to Getting More Followers on Instagram using Hashtags

In order to get more followers on Instagram to make sales, it is important to know how to find and use ideal hashtags. There are plenty of questions unanswered and a lot of conflicting and confusing answers from various sources. You may be wondering how to get right hashtags for your business and how to use those hashtags to attract more sales and followers?

Most of us don’t even know that there are two reasons behind using hashtags on Instagram. First of all, you want to look for your target audience and grow your following. Next up, you want your audience to find you. There is a lot more to it.Image result for The Definitive Guide to Getting More Followers on Instagram using Hashtags

How Hashtags Work?

There are two different ways in how hashtags work and there are two types of hashtags needed to perform well. When you use hashtag on the post, it gets filed away automatically in the hashtag. If post with scores in top 9 posts for most comments and likes, your post seems to appear in “Top Posts” section. If a post receives less likes and comments as compared to yours, they can easily take you off the spot. In post engagement, the growth rate is big factor.

Finding Target Audience and Growing It with Hashtags

Just like Instagram users look for some hashtags to find out the accounts they follow, you can hunt some hastags to look for your followers. Hashtags are more about your buyers and less about you. You have to look for hashtags used by your target audience so you can look for their accounts and enhance engagement by introducing yourself. All you need to start connecting with them and make sure they have spotted your account. If you have good content and they are from your target audience, there are chances to increase following.

Choose Any Three Followers

If you haven’t gained any follower yet, or they are not the part of your desired audience, it is important to have a look at some of the instagram followers of your competitor. As far as they have same audience like you, it will definitely work.

Check Their Accounts – Hashtags They Use and Find around Five Hashtags

So you produce amazing gemstone jewelry pieces, and you are using #makersgonnamake hashtag, you can get instagram followers than other makers. This is so because these hashtags are also used by other makers. You are going to find out what your customers are using. So, you have to look at the patterns between such three accounts and find out the tags they use.

Take Hashtags and Get Started

If you make a memo on your device or a note, you will list the hashtags for easy access when it comes to post. You don’t have to open Google doc or anything again and again. You will eventually memorize these tags. For now, you can use a memo.  

Find Potential Followers

So, you have list of targeted hashtags that are also used by your audience. It’s time to find your potential followers. You may go through the list and look for one hashtag at once.