The ECC 521 provides absolute security

The internet is one of the best inventions ever. It has been of tremendous aid to mankind. However, it does have its drawbacks. Just as it is a great tool, there are people who have misused it as well. People are now entirely dependent on the internet to do their normal business activities. They buy and sell things on the internet. They do their banking transactions online. Hence, you see more and more people gravitating towards the internet. This has its inherent risks as well. You have hackers pouncing on opportunities to take advantage of the situation. Hence, the security becomes a big issue. Global Secured has come up with one of the best solutions available, ECC 521.

This security system is a strong one, no doubt. This is because the defense forces use the ECC system (Elliptical Curve Cryptography) for their communication purposes. There are various advantages of using this system. Let us look into some of them in brief.

The ECC 521 encrypts the message entirely. It includes the sender and receiver information, the message header, and all the kinds of messages such as voice, chats, videos, and images, etc. This facility was not available in the existing PGP security system.

You have the facility of a vault wherein you can store all your vital information in the encrypted form. No one will be able to access the vault other than you because you need an access code to enter the system.

Coming to access codes, you have the facility of generating your own access codes without having to depend on the third party service providers. This eliminates the third party interference and hence you have fool proof security.

The uniqueness of the access codes makes it very safe. Hence, no one will be able to gain access unless you disclose the passwords. Normally, no one expects you to do so either. Anyhow, you can still lose the phone and hence run the risk of the phone falling into the wrong hands. They can misuse the phone and pilfer the data. You can prevent this from happening by using the Remote Wipe option whereby you erase the entire data in the phone from a remote location.

Similarly, it can happen that someone can threaten you to part with the access codes. You may have to do so forcibly. There is no need to worry here as well. You have the system of disclosing a duress password. This password can instantaneously erase all the information from the phone leaving the hacker empty handed.

This app has a self destructing message facility whereby you can delete the instant messages the moment the recipient reads them. You can also delay the destruction by a fixed interval of time after which the message destructs automatically. The best part of it all is that the app destroys the message from every location. This includes your phone, the recipient’s phone, and the transit relay servers as well. Hence, you have absolute security when you use the ECC 521 security system.