The Era of Emojis and Emoticons

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Gone are those days, when differences were absolved via texts. Words are passé and this era demands emoticons, emojis and a host of special characters for doing something revolutionary. There are many departments which have been bolstered by the use of these characters and it is not important to understand the true potential of the same— at least in terms of usage and efficacy.

This takes to the aspect of segregating the usefulness of emojis and in the subsequent sections we shall be covering the same:

Emojis Look Appealing

Believe it or not; emojis look far better than the conventional ideas of texts and number. Moreover, there is an emoji for every object and expression which in turn makes them discoverable. In simpler words, these characters can convey a lot without having to worry about the volume.

Emojis Fit in Perfectly

When it comes to understanding emojis and emoticons, sync is extremely important. There are times when texts cannot convey the actual information but emojis do. Lastly, as there is an emoji for every occasion— it isn’t tiresome to search for the one you are seeking.

Emojis are Diverse

While texts can get monotonous at times, emojis offer color and a lot of newer expressions to choose from. Be it a simple car to the most elusive food items, there is a pictorial representation for every possible object. That said, understanding the meaning and essence of each is a new experience in itself.

Emojis have Dedicated Keyboard

The best part about using emoticons and emojis into the mix is that you never run out of input options. There is something called an emoji keyboard that allows users to add these characters without breaking the flow of texts. Emoji keyboards are special keyboards which offer similar options to a regular keyboard in addition to the emoji centric shortcuts to go for.